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the other new guys

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2014

Thanks mom for posting some of the new guys but you forgot a couple and I felt obligated on their behalf to make sure their pictures made it to the blog as well.

Some of these are not as new as the others but they haven't had their faces grace the blog yet so they are new in my photo post world.

Ollie - our newest and now third recent beagle rescued (including Jake and Luke). Ollie is the widest of the three and also the happiest. He reminds me the most of Copper.
photo olloe.jpg

and Salty one of the smallest dogs now at saints although I think Roxy might be smaller she certainly is more dangerous.
photo salty2.jpg

Scratch, is a senior who was a cruelty sezuire due to medial neglect. He is a huge lazy bed potatoe and has been at saints for just over a month now.
photo scratch.jpg

Here he is this weekend with his new best friend, Carol!
photo carol.jpg

Here is the new shy senior tabby, Rose
photo rose.jpg

I looked through and could not find Luke either so I have added him too! He has had a dental since this photo and now only has one of these cute little fangs. The one is now more an endearing snaggle tooth. Cute, sweet and calm little guy except when food comes out ... then he morphs into a barking machine screaming "food food food, yay, feed me I am starving!" (typical beagle). ... nevermind I did find him in a post from a few months back. Oh well. I will leave him on here since he is so cute.
photo luke.jpg

And lastly, believe it or not I don't think a photo of chevy has been posted yet? At least not by me anyways. He has been with us since the Summer. He sure is a handsome little guy:
photo chevy.jpg

and while I am at it here are a few other photos.

Do you remember Carol mentioning how the dogs were digging holes and laying in them?

Well here is June laying in her whole and looking pretty darn proud of herself! lol too funny.
photo june.jpg

Here is a really nice picture of ziggy from saturday. You can see the little mark on his nose - thats ring worm. Hoping to get rid of this nuisance soon!
photo ziggy.jpg

Here is Carol doing the dreaded barn bedtime! I was being very unhelpful and just taking pictures. The sheep are so nice and so easy. I would support Carol doing a sheep only rescue.
photo sheep.jpg

Here is Mystic playing with her "dead rabbit" stuffie on the afternoon field run with Luna running along side her.
photo mystic.jpg

and finally here is a picture of Slyvester in his new home on day one. What a great cat and we are happy he has found a dream home. Yay happy tails!
photo slyvester.jpg


Barbara Ferris

Thank you Jen - these made me smile and some laugh out loud - love the Snaggle tooth comment - Love Ollie too - I love hounds too much :)

janet nicholson

Thanks Jenn - it is so nice to be able to place a face with a name. Love that June and her own "self dug" hole. Your photos are awesome - thanks for sharing them.


Those are awesome! Every single photo made me smile!!
Love the food crazy Beagle goof balls!
I was in love with Scratch the bed potatoe BEFORE seeing his cute face, now I'm obsessed! Wish I had room to bring him home to snuggle in my bed!
LOVE Junes new hole! And Mystics dead rabbit is hilarious!
Luna is a stunning creature! No wonder you love her so Carol!
Thanks for the eye candy post Jenn!

Debra now in Malaysia

Thanks for the introductions and pictures Jenn. Great photos as always