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damn dogs

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2014

there will be no 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep tonight...A...angel won't eat and I have already given her the insulin because she looked like she was going to eat. and B...I have big time heartburn. I am not quite sure how you get heartburn from eating 2 pieces of toast for dinner but apparently you do.

phoebe bit ann today..that sucked for ann. it is most likely my fault for jinxing her cuz it wasn't even two weeks ago, I said phebes had appears I was wrong. anyway..i steri-stripped up ann's finger and I am really hoping it doesn't fall off. phoebe is not sorry she hurt you ann because she is not ever sorry for anything she does. but I am sorry she bit you, she is such a little hag!

luna is starting to make friends with erin and renee..they are still in the painful stage and that also sucks. if she goes at her friend making the same as it was with me, it should stop hurting in a couple of days.

Robbie and scratch started to get into it on my bed tonight...they did both stop and act ashamed when I got mad and told them to knock it off.

well I think the antacid is finally kicking in..and I better try to feed angel again. maybe I can hope for 5 or 6 hours tonight..sad sigh,,i really did like that 8 from last night..



I'm sorry Phebes bit Ann, but I'm sure she's sorry.
Phoebe has a good heart underneath all her craziness.

shelagh f

"I'm hoping it doesn't fall off"

the finger or the steri strips?

Poor Ann, hope its not too bad