Rescue Journal

it's going to be one of those days.

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2014

went to bed with heartburn, woke up with a headache, and I am totally out of both tea and milk. serves me right, I knew I was running low for the past few of days but my freaking stupid head simply refuses to remember to pop into a corner store, pick up some more and so today I suffer. starting the day without a hot cup of tea is really not good. I am trying to content myself with herbal, but it is just not the same.

last night preacher was relentless in his attempts to get out. he is tucking himself unseen into a dark corner in the entrance and making dashes for the door the second it opens. he got out on me once when I was letting odie back in. chasing after that cat in the dark and the cold in my slippers and pj's sucks. the in vs out battle is one I am not going to let him win, unfortunately he thinks he is. oh well..i will have to start closing the door between the kitchen and entrance at night again. benny, phoebe and odie like wandering back and forth and bed switching during the night and when the house is peaceful and quiet, its fine. or it was until preacher decided to work it to his very own it is not so freaking fine.

it does occur to me however that maybe when he was found out on the roof, he didn't get out thru a may have been out thru the door that morning before I was really awake. I can see how tricky and sneaky and scheming his escape plans are becoming...

OMG..what is that horrible smell???? fer chrissakes lola! the dog door is open! typing in the dark is apparently dangerous work..lola just plopped half a dozen small piles of soft poop round my chair.

I think that sudden overpowering smell made my headache worse!

whatever, I cleaned it up and opened the real door for her...added bonus, it let in fresh air.

what was i blabbing about? oh preacher. hmm screw it. I am going to go get dressed for work and take some Tylenol.



I think this is more preventative but try 1/4 of a lemon in just enough hot water to chug in one lemon shooter...first thing in am before anything else...guess though, Carol, if you can't remember tea, fresh lemons may not be the answer...could try the lemon juice in a bottle...may work. A holistic nutritionist put me on that and it helped.


I used to have absolutley horrible heartburn , even when I didn't think I should ( like right after having toast & PB ) ...then I found out how much Advil contributes to it... I stopped taking Advil and I have to say my heartburn has reduced tremendously easily by 50 if not I just ache like hell half the time :-) ...Hmmm which is the lesser of 2 evils.

Smart kitty that Preacher :-)