Rescue Journal

the puffalump

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2014

occasionally one of the dogs will steal and eat my slippers ( mystic has done it a few more times than occasionally.)

I have to say that gerty is the first dog to actually try to eat the slipper with my foot still in it. usually the dogs wait until I am no longer wearing it.

gerty is a very special dog,,,she is a soft and floppy puffalump with a helium balloon for a brain.

her best friend is one eyed mini t-rex and her second best friend in a 160 pound giant white mountain of a dog who doesn't even know she exists.

she will cuddle and play with strangers and then suddenly attack their face, not that she can ever get her mouth close enough to actually bite because her face is concaved.

when she sleeps, she sleeps on her back with her legs splayed out like some kind of lifeless stuffed toy. there are times she feels like she doesn't have a single bone in her body, she is just that stuffie soft.

I am pretty sure I have never in my life met a dog so utterly and innocently clueless..and i am also sure she has some kind of doggy-downs syndrome thing too.

but man is she cute. one second she is killing the slippered foot and the next second she is flopped over and unconscious for a heartbeat or two (just like if she had narcolepsy) and by the fourth second she is wake and up again, getting roxy to clean the sleepy dust from her eyes.

anyway..I don't get why no one has scooped her up yet... I guess it might be the face biting thing but she can't even do that really right.



Gerty stepped in front of the T-rex on tues and saved me from getting eaten.


That was Kendra that got bit and no she's not upset at all...they have a few little one's at home and at least one jerk in the bunch. She thinks she just startled her. No worries...she wants to visit again.


that dog is freaking adorable. but yeah she has 2 sides to her, cute and cuter lol

Brenda Mc

I honestly did not know this about Gertie - only seen her sweet side - until last Sunday when that big tour came thru the house. Everyone was trying to get thru the door to the computer room and Gertie kept trying to escape into the kitchen, so when one of the women in the tour asked if she could pick her up, I said sure - only to find that Gertie turned into a snapping turtle in her arms! I quickly grabbed Gertie, and then she sat like a little soft lump in my arms, looking so sweet, with everyone oooing and aawing over her cuteness. I felt like an idiot, but the woman who had held her was fine with it - a dog person thankfully! I even bathed Gertie after that and she was fine thru out the whole ordeal - even pulling poop balls off her butt.
I laughed outloud at your doggie Down's Syndrome comment Carol, (as most of you know I work with special needs folks,) but I think she may have some doggie autism in that little brain too.