Rescue Journal

a walk down memory lane.

Carol  ·  Jan. 24, 2014

I am awake way too early! odie's fault..i let him out to pee at 4am and he inconsiderately dicked around out there forever until I was so freaking irritated, I honestly wanted to kill him and then I was wide awake for the day.

that sucks.

yesterday was tough, I had that queasy freaking headache all day long. I finally packed it in early, came home, took a bunch of stuff and admittedly do feel better today...despite odie and his dicking around. I did buy some tea and milk on my way home and I have so much extra time this morning, I might just have 2 cups of nice hot tea in a row!

tammy was telling me last week that sometimes she longs for the good ole days...when we were smaller, quieter, more peaceful and everyone was on the very same page. lol..I remember those days too and they were far simpler and easier to understand. but I also remember coming home from work and having to rush around cleaning the barn before I put them to bed and bleaching the floors and getting up at 4 to clean the house, refresh all the foods and waters and feed and turn out the few barn guys we had before I could go back off to work the next morning.

we are helping far more animals at a time now for me to ever be able to go back to that. still..i remember back to the very, very first days of saints when I could sit out on the grass as the evening came in, watching the dogs each cheerfully chewing away on their very own bone and thinking, yes, it just cannot get any better than this. in some ways it did and it didn't.

but I did actually have a bit of a clean up committee even back then. when it was finally time to bring everyone into bed, cole and tyra would do the final last rounds and collect up all of the left over bones and hide them!

ahhh...Sheila and mo? remember the days at the old crappy trailer with tyra, tally, cole, bill, copper, lexi, Wilbur, andy, marley, beanie and abe????

lol! I believe it all started to change when phoebe came!

but who'd have thought way back then that we would be here where we are today?

so many good animals behind us...andy and phoebe still with us... and most likely so many more yet to come.

it's amazing.



Marvin gets no more food than the other cats.
I believe he is also on steroids, that would be why he looks larger than life.


Not only is Marvin big boned he put on some extra winter fur for the cold snap we had in December.
He's a real sweetie (unless he is swatting at Sydney, then he can be a little bit of a jerk, but a sweet jerk).


I'll find it Sunday. Im pretty sure we still have it on file. It was a big chair too!


I use 6 cans total in the house for both am/pm daily and 8 cans total in the mp room for both am/pm on the weekends,,not sure how much Dionne uses mon-fri but most likely a similar amount but it looks like between us all we go thru + or - 26 cans per day? not including the special diets? sounds about right.


Just dog food shelagh, there's lots of cat food still. In the shop on the dog side, there LOOKS like tons, most of it is expired, I just haven't gotten around to actually tossing it yet. The rest is special (hypo, gastro) that we need for special dogs. In the house I use 12 cans per day. Only 4 1/2 of those are "must be pedigree" but if there isn't anything else, they all get it. And that doesn't include what carol uses for the diabetics, and doesn't include Jesse, and doesn't include what Dionne uses in her building. Holy macaroni!


how many pictures are there of luke squeezed into a tiny chair???
he was a pretty damn cool dog!i still remember the time he shut himself in my tiny bathroom and got his head stuck under the toilet seat...he just stood there waiting for someone to come along and set him free.


Nicole you didn't email me that picture. It is a separate picture from the one Maureen did. Emergency took a picture of Luke one morning when he had to spend the night there because they couldn't believe this blind dog had found and crawled into a chair. Nicole if you have it would love to get a copy. Hopefully you read this.

shelagh f

ok, there seemed to be tons of canned food last
few times I have delivered. Maybe nobody likes
the good stuff. Will deliver this weekend.


good lord...tammy has brainwashed you!
oh and hey shelagh...can we go back up to whatever our previous number of canned dog food cases were per week before I said to cut back? we are pretty much thru the stockpile and starting to run short by the end of the week again. (as per erin..cuz I honestly wouldn't have a clue!)


that's only because marvin is so big, its too expensive to put him on 7 more.


Sheila, did I ever email you the photo of Luke I found at emerg of Luke in a chair in our library when he was there?


Phebes was the first animal I fell in love with at SAINTS (and I'm a cat person). It was through the pictures on the website that drew me in and when I met her in person she more than lived up to what I imagined.
I have put her picture on eight t-shirts. I only have Marvin on one.


I remember every single one of those dogs. Every one of them was wonderful and very precious and so are Andy and.... I guess Phoebe is too.


When I first started at SAINTS over six and a half years ago it was a special place. It has since grown into an absolutely amazing place. Its one of two things in my life that I am proud and honoured to have been a part of. Nothing can change that.

As for Phoebe, of course things started to change when she arrived. For the better of course.


Gee I remember all those dogs. Now I only know the big one's
Luke actually started off at the small trailer. The day you moved he slept like crazy in the bedroom and I said I wish I could do that you told me he was stressed and that's why he was sleeping. Maureen actually emailed me a picture of him sleeping in a chair that was in the old home. For those who don't know who Luke was , at the time, he was a 115 pound yellow lab that was blind. It was amazing how he got into that chair. He was our first animal we adopted from saints.


OMG...Beanie...the sweetest little dog with no lower jaw, I remember her clearly..exspecially her sitting out by the duck enclosure doing her best to knaw on a nice raw meaty bone.. RIP sweet girl . I also remember chasing after Cole down the driveway & Gideon sneaking out behind me when I was moving the sheep to the pasture seems like a lifetime since then.