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i am going to say something else about politics in rescue that may piss people off..

Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2014

abandoned, homeless, abused and neglected animals are not political pawns.

every time someone posts on a rescue board or sanctimously preaches to the public that THEY will not give THEIR hard earned donor dollars to the SPCA because they apparently run around getting their happy kicks out of nuking innocent dogs...there are 18,000 homeless, abandoned, abused and neglected animals in BCSPCA shelters or on cruelty investigation lists every year that are not getting help (and obviously not all of them are actually dead either!)

every time someone stands up and publically says, i am not giving money to saints because they brought up that blind 17 year old cocker spaniel from the states and i do not support importers, or I will not give money to them because carol is a bitch, there are 120 senior and special needs animals taking the hit.

it is 100% ok not to support someone because i don't like what they do or i don't like who they are or i don't like what they say but why on earth do we think we have the right to further exploit and abuse animals by going out on a public crusade to convince others that we are not only right and know it all but everyone should believe us and no one else should support them also!

18,000 spca animals and 120 old and crippled animals at saints are thinking someone is on an ego trip that the animals yet again get to pay for.

homeless animals are not weapons, they are not excuses, they are not the means to the justified end of anything.

they are just homeless.

support those who choose to care for them however they choose to care for them... or don't..whatever. but don't turn them into some kind of personal morality or vendetta does that put food in their bowls?

we need to keep politics out of rescue, if we don't like something or someone, we need to keep our money in our own individual and personal wallets, and leave the animals alone.

all may not be fair in rescue and war but the animals do not have to be the victims.



amen! thank you for that, i find it exhausting to see that crap on some rescue sites, they say it's for the animals but seem to miss the point that in the end it's the animals that suffer...again. Don't give a rats ass about personalities but do care about the actions...Yours rock!


I stopped going on those rescue boards because I hated the bullshit that was on there. Your above example is one of the many times when it seemed like someone was always trying pee as high as they could on some person or organization.