Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2014

grhhh...I have that run over by a truck feeling today. my own fault..i never took any advil or Tylenol this morning.....duh. I have an hour for them to kick before I attempt barn bedtime. please let them kick in.

I gave an extra tour today...some nice folks interested in the property for sale next to us. I think it was a good idea for them to really know what exactly is going on next door. anyway..they are both huge animal lovers so I hope they do decide to become our new neighbors.

I also gave a tour to the handler of a soon to be retired police dog who has some really expensive medical issues that makes finding him a suitable retirement home problematic. I sent them both (the man and the dog) away to think about if this would be an appropriate retirement placement for him. SUPER nice dog and at least during the visit he seemed to really like is pretty fun at times around here. I used mo's dogs for bait dogs to see how he would interact off the job. her roxy is perfect because she is somewhat persnickity sensitive with unknown dogs in her face. she got momentarily snippy and pac just went away....yay! I did make mo a little nervous tho,... she is a wee protective of her babes. oh well...I usually use phoebe but roxy was more convenient at the time. and really mo...roxy can do a little bit of work around here once and awhile too ya know....AND... she was really good at it today!

ziggy is again tormenting the dogs thru the fence...that pretty much pisses me off. I finally brought them all in and locked them down. if ziggy really wants to torture someone, he can torment the cows.

anne (renny's foster mom) came up and did some grooming for us today...I was especially happy to get owens feet trimmed up cuz I was hosing his poopy feet down in the sink last night at 2 am....SOMEONE was wandering around in circles while pooping again...gross!

well...jenn is up here snapping more photos so watch for new ones on the facebook page in a couple of days.

I am thinking about a late lunch/early dinner before I tackle the bedtime routines....hmmm, oh what oh what do I have in the freezer to perk me up for the final round of today?



Awesome!!...maybe start a SAINTS TWO: service animals in need today you don't have enough headaches and heartaches...:)


thx Heidi, fine to talk pac around, it would be great to find him his perfect retirement home. I will let you know when we start working on the retired service dog thing...they will all mostly be seniors or younger early retired special needs so I think they fit our mandate ok.


Carol, can you keep me in the loop...would love to help out on this project and have time to do it.

If it's appropriate,I can ask my vet and realtor if they know of anyone interested in adopting Pac...both know lots of people...people with property and money...never know.

Awesome article Sheryl...thanks


In one location in Great Britain, police dogs will now be getting a pension. How great is that?


we have actually been talking about exploring some of the possibilities for helping retired service dogs in need since we were first contacted about pac a couple of weeks ago...great minds think alike!


Well that massively sucks...risk your life every day for kibble and whatdya get when you retire...piss all...I get why the handler or other members couldn't take him...not too many people these days can afford an extra 500.00 plus a month and I'm not sure they can have an active working dog with a retired one.

Don't service animals have pet insurance? or because of the risky job they do, don't qualify?.

Is there anything you'd suggest doing for this dog and other service animals...this bugs me...we pay for 911,road improvement, and bridge tolls...we could all chip in a buck or two for a retirement fund for service animals that need it.


no..once the dogs are retired, they are off the publics expense books. service animals do not get a public pension.
he has severe skin issues..because of his size... his daily dose his atopeica costs $500 per month.


What are his medical issues??

Doesn't the government pay for the dogs expenses for life??


lol about my beloved-from-afar Zig-a-licious! what is he doing to torment the dogs?