Rescue Journal

we have a toilet paper fairy!!!

Carol  ·  Jan. 26, 2014

I came back to the house after barn bedtime and there were 2 lg Costco packs of toilet paper neatly set against the door...geesh, that was so very kind and it saves me from running up to the corner store tonight!!! thank you TP fairy!!!!

chris and michelle had the barn done by the time I went out at 4. they are getting too fast for me! I was not quite on the ball tho because I had just gotten out of a hot bath. for some reason today I was bone freezing cold but that worked great to warm me up....even if it made me late for the barn. ooops.

we took all the mp room dogs for a run with the usual night time guys, they all seemed to like that a lot. Ollie that fat little bugger headed straight into the big dog room and started scarfing up the food bowl. there went his diet today...note to myself, close the door to any food before letting him come over here.

someone recently asked me how chief was doing without ebony...he is doing good. he still becomes a tangled pile of black furry cats with gabby and jet so I don't think he feels all alone. today I was really happy to see chloe for the very first time curled up with the three, I am glad she is finally making some friends.

that damn luna was rapidly digging a freaking giant hole and all of the dirt that went flying out behind was landing right on top of june. she looked like someone had dropped a couple of shovelfuls on her. grhh...I really do not want 4 foot deep holes in my yard and I also do not want my other dog covered in dirt.

ah shit... busted..i snuck lola the last of my supper not realizing kirk was behind my chair. he saw me and now he is at my elbow waiting for his good stuff to magically appear. too bad there ain;t no oreo cookie fairies cuz we are also out of those and one slipped quietly to kirk would have made it seem fair. (no one has to run out a buy oreos, I will get some on the way home tomorrow. kind hearted fairies must not be abused!)

well I have about an hour and a bit til the meeting..maybe I will get some of the house bedtime stuff done. later tonight I will be glad I did, it looks like we have a pretty long agenda to get thru.



only if I sleep on the couch carly. my bedroom and the dog room are linked by an open door at night and have open and direct access to the outside so no cats are allowed over on my bedroom side.