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the real rescue reason for blogging...

Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2014

preacher is such a dick head. he snuck into the computer room and immediately jumped morgan today. he is not bad with the other cats around here but he has it in for the computer room cats which is why he cannot come in here. I think it pisses him off that he can't come in so when he does get in here, he wants to beat the crap out of them. he is such a mean little jealous sod.

what really pisses me off was this morning before I left for work, he was laying in the cat bed up on the dryer, kneeding and sucking on the edge of it. I just had to stop and stroke him and tell him how freaking cute and sweet he was and a couple of hours later he acts like a thug.

i am not telling him he is a good cat again until i forget that he is not.

lola and kirk are really bonding to me strongly...they are such super nice dogs. i really wish we could get both of them a really great home. hope is floating for this.

salty finally got to sleep over in my room last night...he has been waiting and waiting so long. but i had to wait a bit for his neuter to kick in or some of the other dogs in there would have taken offence to the intact male smell of him and not forgotten it once his hormones died down. now begins the room during the day where he knows everyone well and feels safe and bedtime with me which is what he really ultimately wants.

i may bitch about trying to deal with all of the various human personalities in the world, but it really isn't any different with the dogs. odie has the kitchen locked down tight and he wants only to live with squirt and benny because he is comfortable with and trusts both of those dogs. scratch absolutely will not live anywhere unless me and my bed come along. jazzy, pepper and darby are sometimes dicks with some of the dogs but all of them totally suck with cats so none of them can ever live where the cats are. Ollie and luke have huge food issues so they cannot live where we free feed. tina, angel and owen are so vulnerable that they can only be in very specific places with very specific dogs. luna is such an annoying brat that she can only be with dogs at least as strong and pushy as she is or she will bug them to death. and roxy? well roxy has to be where there is enough room for a cage so we can lock her up to stop her from biting anyone who she does not think should be in her house..and that is pretty much everyone.

gawd! if they could all just be good, kind, understanding, patient, flexible and cooperative with each other..they literally could go anywhere here that they want.


ali posted a nice thing on my basically says that every time one of the dogs pass away they take a piece of our hearts with them but leave a piece of theirs behind to replace it. one day our hearts have piece by piece become like that of a dog...loving and generous.

i think this is almost all heart certainly becomes more dog-like every day. but for some reason i don't seem to be getting the good parts..i am getting the pain in the ass parts and i don't think that is fair! things to do and the dogs are finally all sleeping. the good thing about blogging when i get home is it settles the dogs out really well. they get bored waiting for me to do something interesting so they all go to sleep and start snoring while i just sit here and blog.

hah! blogging in rescue has a purpose after is to bore the dogs!!



that was a lovely piece may..i can't post the one ali sent here, it won't let me insert a photo in the comments but I will post it up on the blog..looks like the thought came from that story.


Whenever the leave they take a piece of our heart with them.