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what does it mean when your right palm is itchy? money coming in or going out?

Carol  ·  Jan. 28, 2014

mine is really itchy today...but it is itching on a dog bite scar so maybe it has nothing to do with money, maybe I am going to get bitten again? shit..i hope not!

luna goes in on Thursday for her spay..i am not looking forward to it, I think it may be just about as much fun getting her into the vet as it is to take odie in. oh freaking yay.

pac the retired RCMP service dog is confirmed and he arrives here also on Thursday. this is going to be an entirely new kind of helping him settle kind of thing..he is not just losing what he believes are his home and family, he is losing his job and his place in the world. I can't imagine that this will be anywhere even close to easy for him. I have some ideas floating around in my head more uniquely specific to him on how to help soften the blow. I do however think that he is an emotionally mature enough and positive thinking enough dog to get there with a bit of thoughtful and respectful help.

apparently we are having a bit of a problem with barnyard fencing manners while the dogs are going for their morning run..luna is the ringleader in this. why the other dogs even listen and follow the suit of someone as young and stupid as her is totally beyond me but they do. they all get caught up in her hysterical I am queen shit scary-ness and follow right along. I am planning on doing the morning walks on Thursday and Friday to take them all down a few half dozen fence, my farm, my rules....sometimes luna, the real boss IS way smarter than you. one in their right K9 mind actually wants luna-cy to run the don't even like her that much. they just think what she is doing at that particular moment is kind of exciting, fun and cool.

not really.... and time that they learned.

sometimes looking after a ton of dogs is just like babysitting a ton of kids. are not allowed to yell, chase, bang loud and noisy buckets at fences and scare the shit out of kids to make them stop being stupid...too bad, it works really quite fine with the dogs! most of them will never go near that fence again.

and please don't get on me about positive training methods..i don't have 3 months to teach a bunch of moronic dogs not to be stupid..i only have 2 days before I go back to work.

I think since it only took them one day to figure out they could actually do should only take two days at the most to convince them that they really can't.

anyway..that is my plan...will let you know if it works.

ok..gotta go..the dogs are settled and I have things to do.



I'm glad your getting Pac too!! I'm sure he will find a job for himself there or at his foster home. I've mentioned him to a couple of people so we'll see.

Is Saints willing to cover the meds?? that may help?

Someone from my vets suggested getting the meds from Costco as they can be a lot cheaper.

"and please don’t get on me about positive training methods..i don’t have 3 months to teach a bunch of moronic dogs not to be stupid..i only have 2 days before I go back to work". TOO FUNNY!!

janet nicholson

Glad you agreed to take Pac in - after all the years of working - he deserves the best - and at S.A.I.N.T.S. he can be "just a dog" - I am sure June and Mystic will teach him how to have lots of fun - digging holes and napping!


lunacy. LOL! how appropriate!!

it sounds like she's set to, indeed, become the Queen Bee. little does she realize she has Carol to best... which she NEVER will. (even with her cuteness and beauty!)


there are lots of reasons why pac is going to begin his retirement here Suzanne,,it is not just about money or the cost of his meds, his handler really believes that pac will be happy here just getting to be a dog rolling about in cow poop and running around with new dog friends for a change. he also feels that pac will become hurt and depressed if he is left home alone for hours on end when he is so used to going to work. usually these dogs are retired to carefully selected family homes if their temperments permit. because of his medical costs, this is not a viable option for pac. our goal will be to find him a suitable permanent foster home so his medical costs will not be a is a complicated issue..most of the retiring RCMP dogs do not have significant and very expensive medical issues so finding them a good retirement home is not a huge issue. unfortunately for pac it is.


I am both stunned and deeply saddened that the RCMP dog does not get to retire "in place"... with the family he has been with for all his years of service...
that is really shi**y. if Canada doesn't want to/can't afford to pay for his lifetime vet bills couldn't they at the very least pay for his food so he could stay in what was probably the only home he has ever known?


lol...not interested in meeting anyone significantly good or bad in my life...I would prefer the dog bite..its less complicated!


Sorry..itchy left palm is money..itchy right means you are going to meet someone who will be significant in your life...good or bad remains to be seen. At least that is what itchy palms were explained to me.