Rescue Journal

it was a bit of a crappy saints day

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2014

my cell phone is was plugged in all night and all morning (because I forgot it at home this am) but it wasn't actually plugged into the wall so it went dead when I finally did get it later...sorry ann, I did not hang up on you!

the real drag about not having my phone of the staff was sick and had to go home. I don't know if the vet came out to see Elizabeth today. and OM freaking God! crash crashed and had to be rushed into the vets on a stretcher and no one could get a hold of me but the staff handled the whole situation really well!

it is a severe vestibular attack, he is not able to stand and he has no control over his bladder and bowels. he has been well sedated with acevet to keep him calm and down and he is back home confined a pen in the darkened computer room. he will have to be turned and repositioned to prevent pressure areas and bedsores, given fluids and most likely hand fed small amounts every couple of hours so he doesn't continue to vomit. under the best of circumstances crash has anxiety issues so this will be really hard for him. we will have to see how he manages over the next couple of days, he is a very old and crippled dog and I do not want his last days on earth to be totally freaking him out. so we wait and see how crash copes...if he copes reasonably well, we will see this thru with him. but if he becomes panicked or depressed, I most likely will elect to let him go with some peaceful dignity.

the problem with severe vestibular episodes is you never know if they will just be totally gorked for an unhappy few days or if it will continue for weeks. crash can't emotionally afford a few weeks. he also can not afford any lingering, permanent imbalance issues because he barely stays on his feet as it is. hope is floating that he feels safer and better and less dizzy and sick in a couple of days.

poor vertigo babe!



Crash has a very special place in my heart, I have never met him and I probably won't meet him....Thank you Carol for taking good care of this guy. He need sanctuary and you provided that for him. I know you will do what is best for Crash.