Rescue Journal

2 good dogs...1 bad dog.

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2014

luna got her cone off..i can't get it back on her, she flip/flops, deeks right, left, up and down then twists, turns and squirms..i need an octopus to hold her. so I pretty much have to keep my eyes peeled on her every freaking second to yell at her when she starts licking...this sucks.

I am taking a break because my frustration is rising and I feel myself wanting to kill her. I can just see in my head that incision popping wide open and it is freaking me out! could someone save me from the crazy dog please????

crash is sleeping again...good boy!

I just ran over and played with pac again. he is so funny. I wanted him to go out and pee...he wanted something under his bed. I snapped on a leash and made him go out. he had the LONGEST pee EVER and then immediately ran back into the office to fuss around the edges of his bed again. I lifted it up, he grabbed all three of his new chew proof balls and then he kindly got out of my way so I could put the bed down again. I picked up all of his toys and tossed them back in his toy box and as I was leaving he was busy pulling them all out again!

he too is a good dog!

luna should at least try to be good too.



she may be too young to be good. :-/
what a bad girl. sounds like she's one of those two or three person holds to get that cone back on.... or get a HUGE one.
to say she has energy sounds like a grand, new year understatement.

just because you can imagine it doesn't mean it'll happen. ~HUGS~ i know, small comfort. it's something i have to tell Mum all the time.


My toy trashing beagle has a Kong knot toy that has lasted a few months (instead of the few seconds it usually takes her to destroy them). She loves, loves, loves her knot toy. Maybe Pac would like one too.

We also put kibble in the rubber Kong, maybe 1/2 to 3/4 full, plug the end up with moist dog food and freeze it. Keeps them busy for a bit longer.