Rescue Journal

the triplets of tears..pac, luna and crash

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2014

luna is in my room, wailing her broken little heart out. she has had a terribly scary and stressful day, her tummy hurts, she has a cone on her head which is terrifying her more and she can't go and seek comfort her good and safe friends.

ahhhh...poor, poor innocent babe.

I really want to take that cone off but her incision is already inflamed from her licking at it. I really want to let her in with her friends but I can't because A..their sympathy will end as soon as she runs into them with her cone and B it was wet and muddy today and their wet muddy feet have traversed every surface and I don't feel like going in there and bleaching wall to wall so luna's incision does not become infected...I already changed everything on my bed for her and re-bleached the bedroom floor.

crash is sipping on some beef broth tonight...tomorrow I have some chicken and will make some crash style chicken soup minus any chunky stuff. he remains unable to stand or change his position. this really is not good. he is quite calm tho, the acevet is helping with that. but I need him to at least be up on his feet by the end of the weekend.

pac is here. we have set him up nicely out in the office. I went out today and bought him some new toys that he can't rip apart. he really LOVES toys but he rips them to shit and I don't want him starting his life out here with a GI blockage. I also got a new soft bed to put up on the karunda for him. he has his bed on the floor that he brought with him and a second bed just in case he wants something different to lay on. there is not much for him to do in there except lay around and play with his toys so I want him to have variety and interesting stuff to goof with in between my visits with him. and he remains a VERY, VERY nice dog!

tomorrow I plan to take him for a couple of car rides cuz he is used to doing that every day and it is something he likes. it is also something that is easy for me to do with him cuz I am always having to go out somewhere in the car.

well...tonight I am pretty much doing a three way split between pac, luna and crash. they have all had a shitty day. it would be so much easier if they were all in the same building. oh well..better git at 'er...crash has finished his broth.



I don't think he can have peanut butter due to his allergies,,,his handler said only the hypo food is allowed. i think he is ok for toys right now...a couple of the ones I bought him were made by kong....when he goes thru these tho, I might take you up on the offer.


Carol do you want me to order him an extra large kong from work just for him? Maybe that with some peanut butter would entertain him for a bit each day.