Rescue Journal

if the shoe fits...

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2014

woke up with a headache at 0430..that really sucked. by the time the Tylenol kicks in, it will be time to get up so there is no point in going back to bed. my sinus' have been bugging me again..i bet i have developed an allergy to something to do with rescue...hah! wish it was work!

since i am up, i should do a load of my own laundry in preparation for the next set of work days. but there just seems something so wrong in doing personal laundry when it is still dark and the day isn't supposed to have started yet.

or.... maybe i am just lazy.

final dog in today..the 14.5 year old lab. she has a bit of a convoluted story but the bottom line is..she was picked up as a stray wandering around, she is getting old, her dad works out of town, and she has several times in the past few weeks been at risk for harm when he is not around. sometimes you can only do what you can only sucks but that is the reality of it all. anyway..i did find out her name, and it is china who is going to get our very last possible space.

and this means...we are way too full again...if rescue can be compared to a foot...our foot is swollen and our shoe is pinching due to lack of space.

no one is getting adopted or going out into foster (this is not good,) and no one is actually currently dying (ok well i am not exactly 100% sure about crash..but anyway it is good that no one is on my impending death radar either.) so i think our toes are going to be pinched for some time yet to come. it would be nice just to go out and buy a bigger shoe but rescue shoes are freaking expensive.

oh well deep breath...we will make do and get thru just like we always do.

maybe i should have said no to china, lola, pac and kirk..because i was feeling pretty comfortable for a bit. but then when is my comfort more important then their actual lives?

oh well, oh well. oh well...the swelling will go down again, it always does and even if the shoe doesn't fit so great right now, we will wear it the best we can until it does.

oh hey! i just noticed my headache is gone and right when the wake up alarm went off too!

hmmmm..i wonder if i could go back for just 1 more hour?



if it involves taking puff and odie off to happy cc land..I am with you on this 100%.
if not..oh well I will listen but not as enthusiastically as I would to that first plan!


say no to 4 really great dogs? how could we sleep at night knowing all we had to do was a few shifts and we had space enough for them? anyways, i have a couple ideas/tweeks for how to space things out a bit more...i know how much you LOVE my ideas...:)