Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2014

china is here...sweet dog. she has a very suspicious abd. mass..she is already booked in for a vet check on my next day off.

crash is able to slurp up soupy food on his own if the bowl is positioned close to him but he still cannot stand. we have cut his sedation in half in the hopes that he will perk up soon.

we did some rearranging in the computer room to maximize is working much better.

pac had a pretty good day, I played ball with him in the garden and took him for a car ride. he is an interesting far more focused on his toys and playing with me than he actually is interested in me personally. I think it will take him some time to bond. in any case he is not unduly stressed and seems to be coping with the change in his living arrangements quite well and I am content with that for now.

luna is doing sort of ok..except she is eating my nice new bedroom door. she finally got to join her friends again in the big dog room late this afternoon when everyone came in for the day. I will shift her back to my room in the morning before I leave for work.

I signed the official adoption papers on Robbie today..the two week trial period is over and he is happy here. YAY, he is officially now my boy!!

and also on a big YAY note..Maggie has decided to officially adopt her foster dogs sam and leah and I am so very happy for them that they will spend the rest of their lives as full members of her family! lucky Maggie, lucky dogs, a match made in heaven!

I think that is pretty much is all of the news.


janet nicholson

Super happy to read about Sam and Leah and Maggie - what wonderful news! Enjoyed reading about Pac and his toys - he sounds like an awesome dog - and I hope China is OK. And just who is Robbie - did I miss something on your blog?

another Doreen

Yay Robbie, Sam and Leah! And of course you Carol and Maggie!
It's wonderful that you've all found new family members to love and be comfortable with!