Rescue Journal

heads up to weekend folks..

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2014

1. make sure to have a look at the group email regarding capone, pac, and china and where, with whom etc...they can be.

2. I will have changed crash and turned him this morning but can someone stay until I get home for lunch to do a really good job then..he is hard to do really well on my own.

3. teddy has quite a nasty cough this morning which is new for him, so far it is ok but ..if he looks like he is having trouble breathing later call me and let me know.

4. Elizabeth has been very slow to get up and moving in the mornings, she also has had diarrhea for the past week. the vets know and have been out to check her and have taken a stool spec. she should be up on her feet tho by noon.

the dogs of concern in a nutshell...

pac is not to be with other dogs yet. he can go to the garden to gently play ball..he has a bad back so no major running or jumping.. capone is only to be with the big dog room dogs inside or out in the yard, shawn can take him to the garden for a walk. china is only to be with the computer room dogs, she can go out to the front yard on leash and with supervision. luna is to stay in my room except for quick outside pee breaks.

if anyone is not sure of something feel free to call me.