Rescue Journal

twin beagles from hell.

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2014

a gentle reminder to everyone to please remember to close and re-lock all windows before leaving a room..luna was trying to climb out of the dog room window when I got home...not good for her incision.

it was a pretty fast bedtime routine..i zipped around here and got everyone done as soon as I got home. I was right on top of those food crazed beagles and had them both shut away before I even touched the food bowls. but we still had a fight..babette knocked her canned food bowl down between the shelf and the wire. the beagles couldn't reach it thru the fence but decided to get into an all out fight over it anyway.

note to myself..just in case a cat dumps a feed bowl in that exact spot again...when the beagles are done eating, put them out of the entrance and shut the gate so they can't get back in. in order to break up the fight (because yelling at them was useless, they were so crazed they couldn't even hear me) and without getting bitten myself..., I beat them both into submission with one of the small doggy coats. scared them both to death so they immediately let go of their hold on the other.

beagles may be greedy little food psycho crazed bastards but they are also big wienie sensitive babies, they both acted like I whacked them with a 2x4 (which I might have if one was in reach!) not a beagle fan tonight, fat little freaks.

however...I am a great fan of pac tonight. I took him back to work with me after lunch. what a good dog! he immediately and systematically checked every nurses bag, garbage, and recycling bin in every single pod to make sure there were no bombs. so glad he confirmed my workplace was safe! then he settled down next to my desk to play with his toy while I finished up my charting and computer stuff. he asked me to toss it for him a few times and he was happy when any of the other nurses stopped by to toss it for him again. pac was a big hit!

pac's grasp of the English language is astounding, (at least to me because pretty much everything about animals astounds me)..anyway..while we were in the elevator going down to the parkade...he had his nose shoved into the door's bottom right corner..i knew he was anticipating the door opening again. so I told him, "wrong side opens the other way".... and damn if he did not immediately switch over to shove his nose into the left corner so he was spot on and ready to go as soon as it opened again. once we were in the car and on the way home, I got three quick licks on my temple from the behind before he laid down. haha! mr. pac man is starting to notice me and not just his new and fun toys!

well..finally everyone is settled. this is good because those little dickheaded beagles put me in a not so good mood. I guess it is safe to go have a hot bath and de-stress before I start the bedtime feeding and meds.



Pac is so awesome. What a smart, absolutely adorable dog! Loved getting to know him today.


and though there may be bites from those beagle food fights... they may be burning some calories. (eek! did i say that?)