Rescue Journal

hope sinks at the end of a life but it floats for a new and better beginning.

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2014

sadly, I will have to phone the clinics today and arrange for the best way to help crash with his passing. I am afraid he is not going to get up again, I think his back end is too weak now and I cannot leave him long term as he is.

crash is such a good boy...sweet, innocent, not very bright and a little bit irritating as far as buddy is concerned. crash never really understood why his back end did not work as well as it should...his front end carried him forward with such reliable power but his hind parts simply fell over..this was occasionally inconvenient to him. so many things that he loved to do..the best was relentlessly barking and chasing buddy around in the bottom field. he hasn't been able to that for more than a year now and I know he misses that odd kind of fun greatly.

I am not sure how or why he ended up in animal control or where he originally came from. I have no idea what was his name that he lived with for so long before he became "crash" as an unclaimed stray. I don't even know how old he really is or how his back became so weak..was it a long ago injury or just due to old age?

really I know very little about crash and his very long life, only this last little bit that he has lived here.

but I do know the heart of this beautiful dog.... kind, gentle, and filled with welcoming trust for all that he meets.

I do not know what follows the end of this life but I hope it is filled with the lightness of peace. crash has lived simply and he has lived well, to the very best of his pure hearted, accepting and patient abilities. he deserves to enjoy just the simple and uncomplicated lightness of being.

you are such a good dog crash, I am so hoping for a very peaceful and gentle end and a new bright and beautiful beginning.

we love you.



Crash, thank you for sharing Reiki with me before you made your journey home. I love you and will miss you. Someday we will meet again and join the other SAINTS.


Thank you Carol, that Crash has had this time with you and the other SAINTS to be loved and be himself. I can only wish for every dog who comes through our doors to have that in life. Good Boy, Crash.

Debra now in Malaysia

Sweet dreams crash. You're a beautiful boy and will be missed by many.


Goodness, I only know Crash by Carol's blog and feel sad that his time has come. Soon his sweet, gentle soul will be free.


i am so sorry crash was indeed a great dog, he sure loved his food and treats. i am glad he found saints and had a good life here. i hope he has a peaceful passing. hugs to you crash and carol.


You don't even have to always meet them, I have a friend who fell in love with Crash from his pics & Carols words on the site, she asked about adopting him, however due to stairs & her mobility issues, it wouldn't have worked.
He is a truly beautiful dog, inside & out and I am sad that his time has arrived. Swift peaceful journey Crash , you will be missed & are very much loved , by many.


Poor baby, bye sweetie, you are an amazing dog. Carol I've cone down with a stomach bug and won't be able to make it in today, I've already let Erin know.


It is weird the way you feel a connection to an animal just because you met him once. I met Crash first when he was still at the old Surrey shelter and instantly liked him. I don't know Crash to miss him but I wish him a peaceful journey.