Rescue Journal

not much going on here..except roxy is out of sorts

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2014

I have no idea what is up with roxy today. chris said she was climbing up on her lap and got weirdo all of a sudden and bit her for no reason. since I got home, she is slinking around me like I am the devil again. what the heck has gotten her knickers in a knot all over again?? she wouldn't even take an oreo from me, she sniffed it and I know she wanted it but she turned and slunk away. that dog needs a therapist.

oh well hopefully she unknots her knickers by tomorrow or I might have to make a special trip to mcdonalds. can't stand seeing the little hag upset.

FREEZING today..holy crappola how cold can it get?????

I had a reno guy and an electrician thru today to give us a price on some work we need done. oh yay,,fixing shit with workmen around here is all kinds of not so much fun.

not feeling great tonight..a sinus headache is bugging me big time again and the hot bath I just finished while warming me up did little to help that.

I guess I better do the feeding and meds and go to bed. pac is only getting a quick play time tonight and brrrhhhh...walking over to the office is going to freeze my ass off again!