Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2014

the power was out sometime during the night, luckily I woke up on my own.

it doesn't feel empty in here without crash this morning...mostly because this room is still quite full. but it feels different without crash in here and I don't like that difference I feel..he is missing from here.

it is hard when they become imbedded in the heart of saints and then suddenly they disappear. I hope he is now someplace wonderfully great.

teddy is coughing a lot more this morning..the vet did listen to his chest yesterday when she was here but he is so fat it was hard to hear anything. I think I will ask erin to add a couple of things to his med list and see if that helps. the only other option is to send him in and sedate and try to xray. but I am not a fan of that right now because he is not quite fully healed and I do not want to set him back by stressing him out. it has taken a long time to get this far...just another week or two and the infection will be well behind him.

I am really happy that luna and Robbie have joined me here..Robbie is just so funny and full of personality and I feel better having his little warm and similar body tucked up to me at night. I still am missing daphne and want her back so badly but that's never going to happen. having Robbie with me does help tho...he's a pretty cool guy. and luna despite her highly active, somewhat crazy self is turning into a very sweet, loving and soft dog with me...kind of like a baby (but hyperactive) june. I think when she matures a bit more she is going to be an all around amazing dog...I would like her to quit digging giant holes tho.

china, lola and pac are settling in well. china gets a bit anxious with anything new. when we took down crashes pen and opened up the computer room a bit more, she was freaked over suddenly seeing the floor to ceiling mirror..she hadn't noticed it before. I think it will take her some time to get used to all of the different things that sometimes goes on around here but in between when things are as she now expects them to be, she is doing quite fine. she really is a very sweet and gentle dog.

we are still working on ways to fill up pac's days..its hard having him living alone in the office. Dionne is going to be taking him for walks first thing in the mornings and at the end of the day besides his time outside in the yard. I am trying to get over and play with him at least twice in the evenings and when I pop home for lunch. on Thursday and Friday I will be home and have a bit of extra time so we will start the introductions to the other dogs and maybe the farm yards. the sooner I can get him fully blended in here, the better it will be for him because then he can choose where and how he would like to spend his time.

dogs need to be able to make some of their own choices in living life.

well...I guess I better get moving, not on days off yet.


shelagh f

I know my Patches, just loves to sit in the car, rather
than sit at home. He's old so basically just sits
around anyway, so he loves to go with me, if the
weather is cooperative.

another Doreen

Maybe Pac can spend some time in your vehicle when you are working (and the weather warms up a bit). He's probably used to doing that. When my late dog Pixie lost a lot of her mobility, she would get really stressed if I left her home alone, but was very content in my van - I called it her kennel on wheels!


he can't go when everyone is in the office, there are too many of us mon-fri...some staff have allergies or are afraid of dogs. he can only go on decreased staffing days like weekends and stats when there are just a few of us and I can check with everyone on shift that day that all are ok with his visit to work.


Why not take Pac to work with you permanently , give him a job again?