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Carol  ·  Feb. 5, 2014

I stayed home from work today...had the knife in the eye thing and had taken too much stuff to try to get rid of brain was most definitely fogged in. I had a good long sleep this afternoon and finally kicked both the headache and the accompanying frozen popsicle feeling.

I kicked scratch and Robbie out for a bit and erin brought pac over. he is fine with the little crippled non threatening guys and played with the toys on my bed while I slept on and off. I kind of think he was not so keen on leaving when it was time to go back to the office but Robbie was tossing a fit to get back in where he lives and I think Robbie might be a bit of a dick over toys. I just wasn't up to risking a daxi/police dog confrontation over the ownership of the toys right then.

nice to know tho that pac is perfectly safe with the vulnerable littles. since he liked my room and bed so much...I will bring him over for a visit again tomorrow. plus we are going to start introducing him to a few of the younger, big, but non stupid dogs like mystic and june. boomer, the little beastly, pack mentality brat, will be the last dog I introduce pac to.

roxy is better today but still not 100% herself yet...maybe tomorrow. jesse is getting weaker again, I think it will not be long before he is done with it all. still...what a freaking amazingly, incredibly, spiritually strong dog!

gerty is a moron, she is killing my winter vest which is hanging on the back of my chair. she was just taking a much needed rest break by laying across lola's back. lola is such a good girl!

I wonder what is going to happen once we let tedz out of his pen? it won't be long now and there are a lot of new dogs here..i hope he refrains from being a zombie dick head.

nicky is starting to go all wonky again..i noticed her gait was off last week and the wonkiness is progressing. her screwed up and horribly damaged cervical spine has been a ticking time bomb for a while...I am thinking it is getting ready to blow. we are upping her meds to see if we can avoid it for a little while more.

preacher was pretty much a pain in erin's neck for the early part of the day. every time I saw her she was hauling his squirming, biting self away from whatever trouble he was causing at the time. he was full of pain in the ass beans this morning.

raven had another seizure today..went down hard and hit the gate with his face. kevin said he has cut his lip, but otherwise recovered ok. I called the vets and they will come out and check him in the morning. it was ferrier day today so I wonder if that stressed him out? anyway..i will watch him in the cameras tonight.

I think that is all of the news.



Thanks Carol.. I am trying hard to figure out what ( if anything ) may be triggerring these episodes.. it seems to me that he is always near a gate ( at least to my recollection ) I know when it happened to me I was leading him out with a lead rope just looped around his neck..he is always very good about getting let out..but that morning when we approached the gate, he stopped short, the rope tightened a bit & it was like he simply freaked , then froze & fell over... he is such a nice horse it scares me think that this is physical and something is seriously going wrong with him... I want it to be mental & something we can help with .

I no longer use a rope over his neck because I felt like he was reacting to it...sort of like a horse with PTSD. Perhaps we can start making notes on the calendar in the feedroom & see if any pattern or similarities occur...just thinking...and thinking...and thinking. Ok back to work.


it was mid afternoon..well before bedtime, he was up by the road gate on his own


When raven had his episode was he totally on his own ?? what was going on when it occured.