SAINTS has a chance to win $15,000

Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2014

A kind and anonymous individual entered SAINTS into Share The Bounty Charitable Giveaway Contest that Nature's Bounty Canada is holding.

We have lost 9 days of voting (sorry Ann you sent this email on the 4th so I sat on it for two days - bad bad me) so not sure what our chances will be but please follow the rules.

Here is the link

Unfortunately you must register on the first page to even be able to look at the charities that you can vote for or read the rules.

Individuals will need to register to vote. Each individual is allowed to vote for up to 5 charities each day.You may only submit a maximum of five (5) votes and one (1) bonus vote (if applicable) per Day throughout the Voting Period. You may vote (excluding your bonus vote, if applicable) a maximum of one (1) time per Charity per Day throughout the Voting Period. All of your votes for a given Day must be submitted at the same time.

PS If everyone who has a facebook page could "share" SAINTS facebook post on this contest that would be so helpful



And I couldn't find saints till I entered senior animals in need today society- full name! And shared on fb and family!!!

Willie C

Just want to mention that the rules state that you must be a resident of Canada to participate.