Rescue Journal

thank you everyone for another good and well cared for weekend at saints!

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2014

I am becoming increasingly worried about teddy...he is holding his own ok with the meds, but I don't think he is getting significantly better. my gut is on high alert over him.

pac had a stay at home day but I heard he did have some fun at the barn.

jake has decided that he prefers to hang out with jesse in his safe spot than to have to deal with THE luna-tic anymore. good for jake, he is a pretty smart and resourceful dog!

preacher is full of beans again tonight...oh yay.

everyone else is pretty much sleeping. I think a busy, wet and cold day and all are happy to be snuggled in to their warm and dry beds.

and this is the really critical part of the end of the day, the animals are safe, comfortable, and content in most ways. no angst, no drama, no petty pack politics to wind them all up...full and fresh food and water bowls, clean litter boxes and floors, soft warm and dry beds, some pain meds given where needed...a few extra hugs, some smiles and pets, a quick sneaky treat given here and there, and as the night falls, peacefulness surrounding them all.

thx weekend warriors for giving them that.


Pac says whatever...just throw the damn ball!



Pac is a wonderful, funny & playful dog...although I think we have several newish dogs that are all so cool.. Lola, who KO nicknamed LoALla ( pronounced low Al la ) cuz she reminds us of Al ( RIP good friend ) and Scratch who gets all crazy/manical when he wants to play..little Darby who thinks barn time is the cats Meeoow, I think if we dipped him black paint he could pass as ToTo from the wizard of OZ..just don't try to pick him up, unless you are very very careful. it was too cold yesterday to bring out quite a few of the smaller guys... I missed them :-(

Bringing Capone out with the morning walks is great..but I think he remembers that I used to give him a treat at the end of our solitary morning strolls.. he was following along beside me...and his nose convientley reaches my pocket with no effort required on his part..sorry Capone..empty pockets now.

I hope Tedz is doing better today and that Jesse is OK with a roomate, perhaps Jake will bond with Andy while he hangs with them.....wishing wishing wishing.

janet nicholson

Great to see a picture of Pac - he looks like quite the character and I am sure he is going to really enjoy his life at S.A.I.N.T.S - as long as someone throws the ball!


It was a pleasure as always to be there. I really hope Teddy pulls through, he is just such a good boy....