Rescue Journal

maybe later..or maybe not.

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2014

for all that I say...peace reigns in the evenings..there is still a lot of stuff to get done. and I find lately that I am watching and racing against the clock.

ok...get everyone in and out, poke the diabetics, feed, medicate and play with pac, and make sure you are back here by 9 to let him out again...hmm it is 915 just get the cats fed, scratch, odie, benny and Robbie out for their last pee...jeezus phoebe don't pee in the kitchen! go outside with the others!!..oh shit..i still need to change my bed, once that is done, then I will be done and can go to bed too..wait. don't forget to go spend some cuddle time with june and her crew! who is eating the futon again! crap..this one needs to hit the trash, there is not much left to it..hurry up carol it is after 10 now and you have to watch tv with the bed buddies for at least a little while before you turn all the lights out. grhh..I forgot to feed owen, hmm, i wonder if he will notice..of course he is going to notice, go feed him you twit!

however...peace does still reign because this is all done as least disruptively as possible so as NOT to get everyone wound up again.

but what I haven't been doing which I need to be doing is some of my own laundry again. man, that dirty basket is overflowing again. I keep telling myself fer chrissakes carol, do a small load every couple of days, wash, it , dry it, fold it and put it away. but I never do this until I end up with mega loads that never makes it further than overfull clean folded baskets on my dresser taking up space, waiting to be put away, driving me crazy cuz I look like a clean laundry hoarder.

sigh..i will get it all put away sometime on these next days off, go thru the same painful crap with the new needs to be washed mega stuff which will make it as far as the dresser on my very last day off and sit there again until my next day off.

honestly if nothing around here is driving me crazy, I am driving myself crazy over pretty damn simple things that I just can't seem to get into a regular and effective routine!

what is wrong with me?...personal laundry should be a freaking no-brainer not stacked baskets of hoarding type insanity that I will get to later..or not!



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