Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2014

ahhhh..luna, luna, luna...she apparently hopped the fence to the back yard this morning and then hopped over into the riding ring and started chasing the cows. and why did I bring such a young and agile girl here? oh yeah cuz she was not a happy girl. well now that she is happy, I guess I better start teaching her some saintly how to actually grab a brain! she is going to have to step up and learn how to be one of my own trusted dogs because she is not homeless, she has a family here and our family happens to include cows and other creatures who do not want to be chased.

tedz is going in for a chest xray on Thursday..hoping to shed some light as to what is going on. apparently ferndando ate breakfast this morning but would not eat dinner so I am thinking he is still not feeling well. jill the little female budgie is not doing all that great right now either. I think she must have caught a chill when we had that really cold weather. looks like we are going to have to switch kirk onto steroids since nothing else has helped his diarrhea.

I am going to trial Pac over here for a sleepover tonight. the only one I am really worried about is Robbie because Robbie might get upset with Pac playing with all of the toys. whatever, we will see how it goes.

we have already racked up another $8000 in vet bills for the sanctuary and foster animals so far this year...sheesh...we are only 6 weeks into 2014! these guys are freaking expensive that's for sure.

oh well...if someone is dumb enough to rescue a ton of senior and special needs animals then someone better not whine too much about their medical bills. I will tell you tho, I do not regret one cent. when I think of all of the wonderful animals, some who went out to permanent foster, some out to adoptive homes, some who drew their very last breaths here...all of them who needed our help and care...and we were really here for them making sure they always got whatever they need.

can't whine too much about that.

I guess I better get moving, I want lots of time tonight to referee the toys between Robbie and pac.



Thank you Carol for giving all of our animals a home and a chance at a life with love, warmth, kindness, safety, food, and people who actually care about their welfare.

another Doreen

You mentioned rescuing "a ton of senior and special needs animals" and of course my mind went straight to wondering how many tons of animals you (and SAINTS) have actually rescued?
And would that be metric or Imperial tons or tonnes?
I suspect it would be many more than one with Ellie and Percy etc.