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is anyone interested.....

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2014

in attending some dog classes with me and some of our dogs. part of me is thinking agility, part of me is thinking obedience..i have really not decided yet...who knows, maybe both.

i know nothing about training any more...i trained tyra 15 years ago the old fashioned way when we still used choke collars (i was considered a progressive rebel by our trainer because i insisted on using a martingale!) so that tells you how far out of date i am and for sure need some major updating.

the driving force behind this is of course I need to be doing something with luna but I am thinking this also might be good for some of our not so elderly saints dogs too...darby, jazzy, pepper, Ollie and jake..hey..maybe even odie! might be good for some of our guys to stimulate some minds and bodies...and darby, pepper and jazzy really do need some help in their social skills department and Ollie needs to shed a few pounds.

most likely would be looking at evening weekday classes because of my working schedule.

if anyone is interested in forming a saints group for this..pop me an email and let me know.



Lynne, ya she is really good. Nikka and I did 3 agility lessons with her. Her favorites are the A frame and the teeter totter


let me know if u are interested. my dogs absolutely love her. her thoughts and ideas run along the same lines as yours do carol


hey sam is one of my best friends she is awesome with dogs jelly and max stay witah her when i am away. she has 6 border collies and does agility and some obedience training. i totally trust her. she has an uncanny connection with dogs.


Great idea Carol. I have had Sherry Taylor (lives in Mission) as an agility instructor and she is very good. Maybe that is who Carly is talking about??There is an online course if you're interested that a TNT Kennel instructor told me about. I am looking at getting my Russell into scent training so I was going to start with the online course. She does not do well in group class as she has many fears, mostly noise. Precious loves it when I am working with Barbie, she is in there like a dirty shirt! They both find it lots of fun and really works the brain. They are also into positive training as I too remember the old ways of training. I am learning tons as well as my dogs :-). The online classes are offered thru Fenzi Dog Sports Academy if you want to look it up. I thought that I can teach both dogs this way instead of doing two classes.


My neighbor here in Mission does agility and I think training.Shes got a course in her back yard.