Rescue Journal

i was all over the place today

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2014

shopping was a bit frustrating..I managed to get everything on the list BUT most of it wasn't exactly what I was wanting and since I really do not have time to seek out, source out, find out who has the perfect match of my vision...I had to settle and make compromises. you would think a wheelbarrow is just a wheelbarrow but all wheelbarrows are not created equal. i wanted light, deep, small and with solid no flat wheels...what I got was light, small, shallow and already flat wheels. which meant I had to buy an electric compressor to blow up the wheels. I wanted a plug into the wall compressor, all I could find was a plug into a lighter inside a car compressor. grhhh.

I hit three different feed stores before I found one that had chicken heat lamps...tis the season for chicks so everyone is sold out. we had two here in the shop that do not work for some reason and today we got a chick in so it was critical that I find one asap. I did finally find one so the chick is all set up in a tub with the heat lamp hanging over top. the chick is pretty tiny and they are so very frail when they are young, life is so fragile at this age. not sure if it is male or female so I am naming him/her.."chris" til we find out. this chick is apparently a turken...looks like a cross between a turkey and a chicken but is really just a naked necked breed of chicken which I am assuming will grow up to look like a pretty damn ugly bird. they have less feathers than other breeds of chickens so apparently they are easier to pluck before tossing them into a pot. oh well, not everyone can be born pretty on the outside but real beauty is on the inside so how the babe looks when he/she grows up really doesn't matter too much AND the really good news is...little chris will never be plucked, tossed into a pot or end up as part of a sandwich! welcome chris!

I did not get to doing stuff with luna...I did not get to putting my newest laundry away (but I still might get to it yet.) I did have lunch with Carmen, my friend from way back to nursing school which was nice because we have not seen each other for the last couple of years. but I did get to the vets and to pharmacy to pick up meds and the post office to pick up some medical handicapped pets stuff we ordered so all in all, I did get a lot of the stuff done. sat/sun I do have to work with luna tho for sure!



Hey Carol. I might be a little late on Sunday for bedtime. Hopefully not but just thought I'd let u know!