Rescue Journal

if i have one real regret in rescue...

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2014

it is that I am not cloned into 50 more carol's. whatever my shortcomings, the animals here love me and if I could just make 50 more of tolerant and accepting of living with the animals own shortcomings..i could take them home by 1's, 2's and 3's and everyone here that I love so well would forever have a great home with me.

its hard knowing that they deserve so much more then me spread around in so many ways. 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there...10 more minutes I should have but didn't have to share. it makes me sad in the evenings as I do the happy to see me, so sad as I leave.

it freaking well sucks.

some of them will one day get a great home, but most of them won't.

that is the real heartbreak in rescue..knowing they deserve so very much more and wanting so very much to give it and it just can't be the way we all want it to be.

too many of them and not nearly enough of me.

I love you guys and I'm sorry.



you are kind of between the proverbial rock and hard place... in order to give more time to those you have at saints you need to have fewer animals which means more die on a cement slab in some high-kill shelter. really sucky choices


That's why my eyes roll into the back of my head when we get the emails from people with one animal that "they are not able to provide them with the time and attention that they deserve".

How is it that they think by dumping them on a rescue that they could even possibly get more time & attention.
Makes me crazy :-p

The magical land of rescue where we can provide what no others can. You know ......fields of unlimited space to roam, all the love and undivided attention. The time & attention that we have to divert away from the fields of rainbow pooping unicorns that we are also caring for ;-)


My house numbers are thankfully nowhere near saints but I feel that with Shrek and taz' passings, I can finally give everyone else the attention they deserve.


I am in awe with you Carol; that you can do what you do. I only have my own two dogs and 2 foster dogs and between work (i work in a hospital too)and kids I feel so stretched. You are amazing.