Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 15, 2014

it has to start to rain just before I go out to put the barn to bed? it couldn't wait until I was done???

damn weather man!

thank you everyone! good day today....(until it started to rain!)

I made chris go back and get another chick because our chris chick was lonely. the new chicks name is tris and both are happy to have a friend and forever avoid becoming the main ingredient in a chicken salad sandwich.

Jamie is taking kirk home tomorrow as a permanent foster...yay Jamie..yay kirk!

pepper had a pooh butt..i fixed it for him.

luna pulled the hair on puff's butt and he got really mad at her.

that's pretty much all of the news.



yes yeah jamie and kirk how sweet is that for kirk he is going to have a great life with you. awesome.


Yay for Captain Kirk - that's great news Jamie. He really needs his own home - with less noise and nobody grabbing his tail when he walks thru a doorway!!