Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 16, 2014

kirk has gone home with Jamie, nikki the cocker has gone home with lynne. big yays for both of our guys and their new foster moms and dads!!

puff was in an ugly mood today...he is such a dipstick.

I should sleep well tonight because phoebe overdosed herself on tramadol by grabbing capone's dose..i called emergency and chris texted her vet and both said she will be really sedated but should be fine once it wears off. dumbo greedy guts...I will checking on her frequently just in case.

I really am not ready for my days off to be over...oh well, they are over so suck it up babe.

jill the budgie is looking so much better, guess she is over her chill. the baby chicks are looking pretty damn good now too just needed some time under the heat lamp to jump start them again.

this will be a difficult week around saints...we are taking down the computer room sagging and crappily screwed together ceiling and re-insulating while it is down. it is going to make a gawd awful mess and all of the furniture and animals will have to be moved out for the duration. this is sooooo going to suck... BUT, it will look better and be warmer in here once it is done. that should help with the heating bills. while they are at it, they are going to take out that freaking 1970's floor to ceiling mirror that drives me so crazy when it is all gross and smeary. bet once it is gone the room looks smaller tho. oh well.

another good day at saints today (except for dumbo phoebe and puff), the animals all had fun. thx again to all of the weekend warriors who looked after them all so well.



Kirk is doing great! We checked everything out, the kitchen is his favourite place LOL. Very stormy here tonight, but you wouldn't know as you can't hear anything over the very loud 3 snoring dogs. Perfection!


Yeah Kirk and Nikki!!! I was so sad about bringing Nikki back but she was not settled at all here, even after a walk...she paced and panted all night as well...I am so happy for all of you.

I will be moving into my own place again and will be ready to adopt or foster soon (if Carol will let me). I was thinking Lukas again as he was ok here and he is the one I really wanted...he followed Nikki to the cat food but I could call him back and he was too lazy to jump for it. In my new place, I can block off the cat food.
Would he bark anytime food is being prepared or eaten?? Do you think a bone or kong filled with Peanut butter would distract him...If he barked non stop while dinner was being made or we were eating that would drive my mom (and neighbours nuts).

I will be living in a two story townhome (small complex) with bedrooms up and rest down. It has a nice sized back yard that is grass...the previous owner put in a gazebo and rocks...would walk whomever came home with me to toilet anyways...I need a fairly quiet dog (I moved twice with Trev). There is a size restriction of 14 inches but the owner now has two dogs one large and one small...I don't think getting permission for a larger dog will be a problem...will get permission first though...I have two cats...again they are relaxed about number of pets...was told it would be ok for two of each but I will get permission first...need a gentle dog as well..
Who do you think would fit??

I'm thinking Lukas first and Scratch if Lukas barks too much?? He was quiet here.


Thanks for the update on Nikki Lynne and thanks for the help today when you came to pick her up - I really appreciated it. I give you a hard time, but that's because you take it all in fun! Nikki's lucky to be part of your family.


mirror mirror on the wall
you are an eyesore
to us all.
(except for erin????)


Lol Jamie, I been racking my brain thinking about how I could get that damn mirror home! Haha!


hey jamie how is kirk doing. nikki is doing fine its so new for her she has finally gone to sleep after a walk with me and erin checking out the house and yard was not too sure of everything. i think it will be fine for her.


Yay the mirror is gone! LMAO you know I have a strong dislike for that mirror.