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Justified Illegal Activities

Carol  ·  Feb. 18, 2014

Post by Erin, logged in as Carol, so yes, it says Carol. But it isnt.

My mom grows pot plants on her balcony. Not to sell, just for herself. I think this is a justified illegal activity. Why? Because she has 4 kids, the oldest of whom is me, isnt she lucky, the youngest is 16 and severely autistic. She has an ex husband, a dead husband and a new boyfriend. She works full time and has no money. So if she wants to get high sometimes, really, who gives a shit? I dont walk in her shoes, so how can I judge? Know what else is a justified illegal activity? Stealing traffic cones for a retired police dog to play with. Yes, I did that. Though, I did have a partner in crime didnt I, Lynne? Way I figure it, I pay the city via my tax dollars. So, I technically bought those damn pylons right? And I think Pac should have them. Done deal. And I dont even feel bad about it.

So, there wont be any nightly updates, unless Carol calls me later on about something really interesting, which hopefully doesnt happen, cause things worth phoning about are usually bad things. And I just got off the phone with her touching base on her way home from work, yep, she talks on her cell while driving, speaking of illegal things. I dont think we will ever be able to convince her to at least go hands free. Know why? Cause Carol cant be bothered to. Connecting to bluetooth, charging the device, its outside her realm of give-a-shit. She is too bloody busy. I cant even wrap my head around what she deals with in a day. Sometimes we have dying animals. Sometimes she has dying people at work. Sometimes she has to hold the hand of a patient and admit them into palliative care. Sometimes that patient is a middle aged mom with two kids under 5. Sometimes she has to stroke the face of a furry friend in the back room of a vet hospital while they pass away. Sometimes she does these things on the same day! And on top of that she is responsible for 120 other animals at home. Home. I call it Saints, or work, or an animal sanctuary, depending on who Im talking to. But she calls it home. I cannot even begin to fathom the amount of responsibility this woman shoulders. Shit, maybe my mom could give Carol a few pointers on how to make life easier! Kidding. Kinda.

Ok, updates. Work has begun in the computer room. Vern (the worker guy) cut himself a hole through the outside run and is hauling stuff back and forth. Way better than a lawsuit after being eaten by a certain hairless husky who lives right smack in the middle of everywhere anyone needs to go. I need to remember not to let the dogs out into the yard! Twice today I forgot, bad me. Because the computer room door is all plasticked off, Vern leaves the outside run door (and giant hole in wire) wide open, so the dogs could, theoretically, go around and into the computer room and eat him there. And by dogs I mean Odie. Not Benny. Not Phoebes. Not Squirt. Odie. Displaced Conan becomes a total barbarian when he gets into the catnip, Cocoa found that one out the hard way today. Conan totally hogged the whole thing, it is usually the other jerk Fritz and Jet who play in the catnip. But I dont want to move Cocoa, that is his side and Preacher is on the other side...lesser of the two evils? Maybe I should move Conan in with Preacher, that might work. Or else someone will bleed. But, I dont want Conan going outside in the run and not coming back in. Hmm, I will run it by Carol tomorrow, see what she says. At Saints its way easier to just think out loud, so different angles get seen. June and Luna-tunes were snuggle muffins today. Cute. Jamie took Kirk in to the vet, couple more things to try to stop that pesky diarrhea before the dreaded steroids get prescribed. Some big adoptions looming on the horizon, (big as in super-exciting), fingers crossed they all work out as well as Kirk and Nickie have.

Thats it, blog-cherry officially popped. What did you think? Anybody count f-bombs? You should. Yep, check twice.


janet nicholson

Marvelous blog, Erin, you are a natural! And your mom sounds awesome - good for her!


Too funny...Pac is playing with stolen goods:)My vet gives her Shepherd pot to calm him down...she didn't offer any to me though for Trev when he was keeping me up night after night...have you tried the stroller? Is is working OK??


growing them on the deck makes sense.
myself, i'm a terrible gardener- i manage to kill cacti.

getting a prescription to buy the stuff isn't that difficult, though, if you'd want to explore that option. go into one of the stores and they'll give you the information you need.

i'm glad Pac got his cones! :-)

Barb H

Very fun, I love Carol's blogs but this was a hoot too. No holds barred. What is Pac going to do with his cones?


Erin, you are hilarious - very different take on things and clearly not Carol, but still the same characteristics of being blatantly honest and entertaining and funny - just done in a uniquely "Erin" way. Keep up the good work! Waiting on the awesome adoption news soon please.


Too funny, Erin! I think stealing traffic cones for an ex-police dog is acceptable!!!!


Yodas adoption is a go, just need to coordinate some schedules.

Pending it a secret or are we sharing the possible awesome news?


hey love ur blog. dont get me involved in any possible theft. lol curious who may be adopted. dont make us wait that is too mean. that is totally what i love about you, you dont mince anything. nikki now has the runs maybe it is all too new for her.


This should be an interesting week.
Is Yoda one of the possible adoptions? I haven't heard whether of not he is going.


I just had to uncover and turn on the computer to see what you had written erin...oh. my. god.
"blog cherry popped"???

I said you could write whatever you, I guess you are taking me at my word.

have fun everyone..its a whole new rescue world!

oh..and next time... just tell me pac needs something and I will buy it for him ok?


Lol, growing pot plants at SAINTS. The dogs would probably eat them...hey that might help Odie!


excellent post erin! I will create you your very own login account if you'd like!!
and isn't Pac an officer of the law. I'm pretty sure he gave you permission to steal them.