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Burning Questions?

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2014

Post by Erin

I am not working today, so I wont have any Saints news until later. Today Saints is in the very capable hands of our kickass volunteers, like seriously, these people ROCK. Its funny, certain animals form strong bonds with certain people, and vice versa. Tina for example, is probably at this moment trying to squeeze out of a gate somewhere because she knows Mo is onsite. Lynne can give Jeremiah face kisses right in the middle of him blowing a gasket at someone else. I know Capone wont come on the morning run until Dionne comes too, he adores her. Max the dog stares longingly at Christine before, during and after she snuggles with him. He would follow her anywhere. Jamie wont leave without walking Jazzy, and Jazz knows it. Puff becomes a love monkey for Tammy, Phoebe is like putty in her hands. What can I say, Tammy likes em crazy! It is this bond that makes the world go 'round. Empathy baby, we could use more of it, all over the place.

So, because I have no real news, do you guys want to have a Q&A? Anything you want to know more about?



iI'm really sorry Erin - I don't foresee me being able to get in - but I will post if things change in am. Still snowing here - just went out to make trails in back yard for the dogs to pee.


ok Brenda, Lynne cant come in so looks like im on deck. let me know if your plans change :)


Ok, sorry guys - I will NOT be in tomorrow am - it's snowing heavily out here, and piling up - warnings to keep off the roads - and it's going to continue all night. I'm still waiting to hear from Lynne to see if she can come in for awhile in the morning. I hope so. (It's probably fine in Mission, but a different world out here)


I was talking to a lady at Save-On today while I was in the pet department.She said her daughter wants to adopt one of your guys senior kitty cats :)


Ok, Ellen, no Fernando has not been adopted yet. Continence is a pretty big obstacle for most people. Barb, Pac likes to play with traffic cones, big orange toys! His old partner, the police officer, told us of Pacs liking of cones for toys. Suzanne, part of the rearranging considerations we are doing involves Andy moving in with some careful selected roommates that hopefully he can bond with. Specifically Scratch and Capone.


re Mo's comment the other day... if/when it turns out to be Jesse's time is there another dog there that might be able to "fill in" for him with Andy?

shelagh f

well, this "snow" did not amount to much. Will see
what tomorrow brings. There is not even a speck of
snow on the roads here. Don't want to come later
today, because don't want to disrupt the house dropping
receipts in the safe


Hey, just a "heads up" to house volunteers tomorrow - we have quite a bit of snow here in Hope - If it continues all day and night, I will not be coming in the am - roads are so much worse out this way. I will evaluate in the morning -If you see nothing written, I am on my way. If I can't come, I will let you know early on the blog.
Also LYNNE, would you be available for a few hours in the am if I can't come - to give a hand in the house,since things are so topsy turvy right now??? Carla is on light duties and has to leave early as well tomorrow. (I'll send you an email). Thanks

Ellen Nickerson

Has Fernando been adopted? I love that little nakedkid. I am fostering one now who also will never be house trained.

Carol Ann

so Dionne has two great loves going on at the same time. She loves Capone too. I won't tell Harold who longingly stares down the driveway when she leaves for work. (that is after she kisses his face off)