Rescue Journal

hi again...i plugged in for a bit

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2014

I am plugged in for a few minutes to check emails and to see what erin has been up to on here!

interesting being an ass. different strokes for different folks...ask me to put on a saddle and carry around a bunch of pleasure seeking town folks and I bet I buck off that burden pretty damn fast!

jesse...ahhh jess. yes he is old as the hills and yes those years are showing more and more every day. but jess still has game. he still wants to get up and do things, even if it is hard for him. I can't end a very long life that someone is still actively interested in living. when he is done, he will let us all know and that is when we will help him to pass. I am pretty confident that jesse will know when it is time to let go.

this whole reno thing is wearing on me...I have no comfortable spots anymore. I REALLY miss my computer chair even if it is all torn to shit by the cats. right now I can either stand in the kitchen or go and sit on my bed. right now I am perched on a step ladder to blog this..there is no comfort here for my overburdened ass.

erin has done a really great job at guys are way more interactive with her than you are with me. I have always said the staff and the volunteers should blog on here too but no one ever wants to. good on you erin for taking this on...I too enjoy reading other perspectives...I am not the only one hanging around (with nowhere to sit) here.

well..i better unplug and cover up again..the drywaller will be back in a little bit.

for all of you fearful of snow bunnies...we only have half an inch.. just barely over a skiff and it is pretty dry and non slippery so the roads should be good. looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!


shelagh f

sorry Carol, I am a chicken in the snow. (and no snow tires) I do have lots
of weight in the car, canned food and was going to pick
up apples on the way. Is snowing in Langley, so will
come not be coming today, will make the trek when
weather ok. Should have come yesterday