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Six Degrees of Saints

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2014

Sunday morning post by Erin.

First of IS Canadas game! Woohooooo! Do you know the concept of six degrees of separation? Basically the idea of it that any two people on Earth are six or less acquaintance links apart. Its actually a pretty interesting thing. Lets try one. We are gonna include animals tho.

1.Carey Price was Canadas Olympic gold winning goalie this morning.

2.Carey Price grew up in Anahim Lake, BC.

3.Anahim Lake BC is part of the Brittany triangle.

4.The Brittany triangle is home to the Qayus Wild Horse Preserve.

5.Carey Prices mom was pregnant with our Golden Goalie in 1986

6.On Feb 20, 1986 our very own Rudy was born!

Happy belated Birthday Rudy! We could do this a different way, but not quite as sunshine and rainbowy...

1.Carey Price was Canadas Olympic gold winning goalie this morning.

2. Carey Price grew up in Anahim Lake, BC.

3.I am pretty familiar with Anahim Lake, and the Brittany triangle. I grew up in the Cariboo-Chilcotin. I have been to Anahim Lake. Theres, well...not much there. Its pretty much all reserve land west of Williams Lake (my hometown).

4.I once punched a hockey player in the face as he sat on the bench waiting to go on (it was deserved, dont worry). And it was a KO. And its possible that Carey Price was on that very ice that day too, as wiki says he used to play in Williams Lake, as it was the closest real town with a rink.

5. I saw Rudy on his actual birthday, my self-wallowing Thursday.

See? Is that not interesting? Its been snowing all night, so if you are heading to Saints this morning, drive safe. I will be volunteering in the house today as Brenda lives in the snow belt of BC. If its snowing anywhere, its snowing in Hope. Can someone whip up a quick cake for the horses to share today? Great! Thanks!

1654331_10152154131435081_421224887_nKidding. Kinda. Do horses even like cake?



:) I live in Williams Lake.
Read this blog before bed every night.


Oh Lynne, yes you were my 1st pick - but nice to have a backup for a backup; and esp. since Erin is there all week, it was really great of her to come in on the weekend too. - and thanks for the phonecall this morning letting me know you got my message. I had gone back to bed after the hockey game!!


hey u that is not very nice i was ur first pick wow how things change lol and i dont really care about hockey but it is nice canada won. god i hate this snow.


Thanks Erin for being at the house for me - There isn't a better replacement out there! Yeah, we're in a winter wonderland, but I did get up at 4am and watch us get the GOLD. It was so exciting!! Drive carefully everyone, and be safe. (and house staff- enjoy having Erin in - it's a special treat)


horse cake recipe