Rescue Journal

rotten sleep, sore toe, and rescue sucks

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2014

Robbie lunged at jerry...freaked him out and he fell off the bed. got up, gave Robbie shit while picking up and soothing jerry and went back to sleep until luna started insanely barking. brought her in, gave her shit, locked the dog door and went back to sleep. woke up to salty screaming because Robbie was now having a go at him. grabbed Robbie, told him he was a freaking asshole, and slipped him over to the dog room side and said he was never coming into my room ever again and went to back to bed. 30 minutes of him whimpering at the door was close to putting me over the edge. pulled roxie's fence thing out from the wall and lined it up along the bed, let Robbie back in but said he had to stay over there and could not come up on the bed. finally went back to sleep and then woke up when I accidently moved my foot and nudged jerry who I guess was super sensitive about being nudged in his sleep now because he flipped his lid and latched onto my big toe and that freaking hurt! then I had to re-sooth him because he knew he had bitten me and really did not mean was Robbie who was the asshole, not me....ooops.

woke up this morning and Robbie is curled up next to me under the blanket...he had walked under the bed and up the steps because he is long and low and he fit.

I am so bone weary tired of dealing with self centered, obsessively selfish, out for themselves, want everything their way or they will make someone pay...dicks. and I am bone weary tired of protecting the innocent, dealing with the bullies AND getting bit.

I know people want the warm and fuzzy, the cute and the sweet in rescue. but I don't do that kind of rescue..i do the edgier kind where everyone gets a chance here, all their true colors eventually come out, and I am the one who has to figure it out and minimize it.

and I can't even feel sorry for jerry as a victim in this because that dog in all his years here, has bullied and bitten more dogs than anyone else around here.

the reason rescue sucks is because not all creatures great and small are even close to nice...some of them are simply bullies and over reactive and biting dicks....NOT fun to live (or sleep) with!

next rescue life I am only surrounding myself with nice and kind souls... bet I will sleep better at night and wake up in a cheery mood!



If you only blogged the warm and fuzzy we would sadly rarely hear from you, and I know I'm not alone in saying I look forward to reading what is happening with everyone. Being there 24/7 pretty much guarantees the percentage of w&f is not going to soar.
Sorry about your toe.