Rescue Journal

a very sad tale about the ignorant mob mentality so prevalent on the web...especially in rescue.

Carol  ·  Feb. 25, 2014



Wow, I just read the facebook page referred to in the blog. The person who runs the FB page comes across as a whack job who presents herself as a very mean spirited and very uneducated. Won't be going back to that FB page.


lol may, don't are allowed to comment.
I like comments!


Sorry Carol, but I do have to comment.

I use harnesses for as many foster dogs as I can afford. Collars used incorrectly can cause physical damage to dogs.

I'm often criticized because I refuse to go on Facebook. It does have it's merits but so many people are hurt by cruel, insensitive comments. I'm often out of touch with what is happening but so be it. If anyone wants to reach me they know how to find me.

I'm terribly sorry for this poor vet. It's a shame that she didn't have someone to offer support to her. I guess sometimes people are just so overwhelmed by the constant attacks that suicide seems like the only way out.

Not all rescues behave badly. Unfortunately it's often not possible to recognize the good from the bad. I'm learning what rescues I can trust and what rescues I can't but for the general public they wouldn't have that background information. So the bad rescues continue to adopt out animals, the animals suffer and rescue gets a bad name. Sigh!