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quick updates because the dogs and i are watching the new Thor movie tonight...YAY!

Carol  ·  Feb. 25, 2014

preacher is still passing A LOT of blood in his urine. yesterday the vets gave him a convenia injection and sent off blood and urine specs to the lab..poor boy.

gilberts bloodwork is back nothing to explain his sudden loss of hair but incidently we discovered some minor elevations in his kidney values. this could possibly be from long term 3x a week use of injectable metacam to help his pain issues. we will try pulling back to twice a week and see how he does but we will be watching him carefully with this reduction because pain control is the number one priority in quality of life. the vets are coming out tomorrow to do some supportive type of injections...thiamine, selenium and vitamin E. our collective eyes are peeled on gilbert for now.

did anyone notice if yoda had problems with diarrhea while he was here? he has been having some issues since he went off to his new home so I have asked them to bring him to one of our vets for assessment...just looking for any background clues, if there are any.

max cat is not feeling well..erin noticed today that he sounds chesty altho his eyes and nose are totally clear. I don't think this is an upper resp. infection so I am wondering about the possibility of cardiac or pulmonary disease...he is going into the vets tomorrow for assessment too.

the electrician came back today and rehung the ceiling fan, erin et el got the big cat post moved over for our guys, and I think tedz is pretty damn happy to be finished his confinement and able to toddle around again at will.

I think that is all of the its feeding, meds and then...bed buddy movie!



I did notice a couple twice Yoda have diarrhea, did give him some gastro food and he liked it.


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quick updates because the dogs and i are watching the new Thor movie tonight…YAY!: preacher is still passing A...


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Poor Preacher. Doesn't sound good for his quality of life (for now that is) fingers crossed for the young-un