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to move or not to move...that is the question today

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2014

it was a pretty good night...I enjoyed the movie, they enjoyed the uninterrupted snuggles, and we all slept well.

can't ask for better than that.

it will be nice when we get this room all finished but in order to get there, I have quite a long list of things of my own that I need to get to. we are lucky that I am in fact pretty flexible..i think this is the third time I have switched my sleeping space to accommodate the animals. I am not terribly excited about it tho for two is despite the fact that it will be a nice still requires extra work from me to get there and two...I am moving with the ancient, leaky and needy buggers so once I get there, it won't be all that much of an improvement... same old, same old in a new space.

whatever...I might in the end decide NOT to move in my own self centered interests. I am not sure I can trust morgan, tang and conan NOT to piss on my bed since all of them piss in everyone elses bed...and ultimately this is actually their room and therefore I may decide I do not in fact want to risk it.

you may wonder what the difference is between leaking dogs and peeing cats? well leaking dogs can't help it but with the three is all about personal choice..."I can and therefore I will."

whatever point in fighting with determined cats because they will always win. and I can't see the point of going to all of the trouble to move when once they start proving me right I will most likely just have to move again so I don't get mad at them.

oh well...even if I do not move...I got a great deal on those really nice storage closets and that can be nice storage solving gift to saints too.

I write very little in my life in stone anymore..what will be will be what it is supposed to be and I just need to go with the fluctuating urine flow...the ebb might work better for me then the incoming tide.


shelagh f

one thing to think about, do
you also want cats waking
you up at night? My dogs
have hardly ever woken me up, my cats many


to move or not to movethat is the question today: it was a pretty good nightI enjoyed the movie, they enjoye...