Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2014

erin and I took pac and luna to K9H2O tonight for some swimming therapy. pac is a champ in the water as long as there is a ball and luna was a freak in the water but she started to get it near the end.

erin has photos and videos and probably has more to say on the trip so maybe she will post something later on...I am too freaking tired!

max cat is still in at the vets..i did not have time to get him set up to bring him home. it is his mouth again, he has the autoimmune gingivitis thing going on..the last dental he had was not enough. he will be coming home on pain meds, antibiotics and steroids and we will see how he does. erin said she will set him up tomorrow and then we will bring him home.

lynne's foster nikki had a sudden vestibular attack and was rushed into the vets today, lynne says she is not doing well, but she is home again...poor little babe...that vertigo just so freaking sucks.

preacher looks like he is bleeding less...thank god, sometimes it looked like a slaughter house (ok that's a big exaggeration but there were little puddles of bloody urine everywhere when I got up this morning) looks like the antibiotics are starting to kick in..and he is more active tonight too.

I think I have lost the battle on moving my room...looks like I am going to move.

whatever..I can pretty much sleep anywhere but the computer room is even more of a fish bowl with people walking right by next to the big windows so I guess I better start looking at window coverings now too. can't use blinds because the cats will destroy them in no time..curtains most likely will turn into disgusting hair ball curtains which would drive me insane...that leaves me shutters as the only option for privacy...there goes my tax refund if I get one...I damn well better get one this year!

ok that's it..the bed buddies missed me tonight so I better get my butt in there.



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updates: erin and I took pac and luna to K9H2O tonight for some swimming therapy. pac is a champ in the water ...


Hey Shelley, how did you get a pic of a kitty next to your name, instead of a spirograph doodle or kaleidoscope? - Is that facebook?


yeah, add my positive thoughts to Shawn's - for you Lynne, and Nikki. What a shame , so soon after Nikki found her new home with you.


I hope Nikki will be okay...I am thinking about her and Lynne right now...positive vibes being sent