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Swimming with Pac and Luna

Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2014

Post by Erin. Didja miss me?

First, Lynne texted me late last night, Nickie is still a bit wobbly, but is doing well. She is up walking around, even went outside under her own power to poop. So, thats fantastic. Vestibular attacks are horrific, its scary to watch and must be terrifying to live through. Last night Carol and I went to K9H20 in Abbotsford. Its run by a lady named Kendall De Menech. I first met Kendall when Carol made the life-altering decision to step in and help Frankie the paralyzed pitbull I mentioned earlier. I say life altering because that helping hand kept a man and his dog together.

It strengthened their bond, and they are best friends still. Kendall helped Frankie through months of hydro therapy. Swimming is great exercise for animals, Pac seemed to really like it. Alot less stress on joints in the water. I brought 4 tennis balls with me, none of them made it home. Well worth the sacrifice I think. Plus, he fell asleep in the front seat of my truck on the way home. And he snores. I LOVE a snoring dog! I think it would be fair to say that Luna has never swam before. She was pretty scared, but with Kendalls patience and confidence Luna did really well. It was great to see the bond between Luna and Carol, as Carol became Lunas focal point going round and round the pool. I suggested Luna for swimming because I thought it would be nice for her to have some special time that was all her own with Carol. Also, Luna would have to be calm and listen, and she did, amazingly well.







Oh, and thankyou to whoever set up the SAINTS logo beside each comment now - the other kaleidoscopes were making me dizzy


So glad to hear Nikki is better Lynne- and Erin, thank you for posting the little videos - really nice to see Pac and Luna in the pool.


thank YOU suzanne, for caring about a whole lot of special someones, from waaay far away. and lynne, what are friends for?


Erin, you and Carol provide different "looks" at all your SAINTS for those of us so very far away. it kind of "fleshes things out" for those of us who do not have a chance to actually meet or see all the animals. it's nice to have both, and thank you!


I am sure the four of you had a great time. I see a lot of pond action this summer LOL


Water therapy sure would help alot of the saints dogs :) I know it's costly though.I had a image in my mind of all the dogs with spinal issues come to mind swimming in the K9 H2O pool :)


Swimming with Pac and Luna: Post by Erin. Didja miss me? First, Lynne texted me late last night, Nickie is sti...


yes nikki appears to be back to her old self. she started barking at 400 this morning so took her out for a pee and she came back into my bed with me where she slept until 800. i will closely monitor her, if i have to leave the house i will be putting her back into her little enclosure where she will be safe. lets hope we dont have any more episodes. it was horrible watching. thank god for erin who came over after a long day at work and set things up for me she trully is an angel. thanks to the vets for getting me in right away. colleen is great.