Rescue Journal

it was a good day

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2014

my day had a bumpy start..i let myself get bogged down in stupid stuff. it took awhile to set my head straight, but in looking around me, I got there again. seeing capone and scratch do their version of folicking in the lower field helped. watching the volunteers be so kind and giving to the animals helped. playing with pac on the bed helped. the lovely vision of mystic so clean and pretty helped. and getting that honking big couch out of the laundry room helped.

do you know why people donate their time and spend hours working hard around here?
it is because they want homeless senior and special needs animals to have a good and happy life. people donate money here because they want homeless senior and special needs animals to have the things that they need to have that good and happy life... like responsible medical care, healthy food and a comfortable place for them to live, sleep and play.

we are all on the very same page is taken directly from the book of simple acts of kindness, the chapter on making the world a better place. the book that can change some old and unwanted animal into someone who is valued and loved...who against all odds, now has a chance to keep living, many times in even better ways.

these guys come from all over...suddenly homeless when their guardians die or go into care, seized from neglect and abuse, lost, forgotten and never re-claimed, all of them by just innocently living...somehow abandoned and betrayed. and none of them young, healthy or unbroken enough to find a different safe place.

THIS is SAINTS...THEY are SAINTS..and we are simply the well woven net to keep them all safe.

it doesn't matter what we choose to do as long as we stand up tall and work together to create a strong wall to protect them from further heartache and pain.

and that is what I saw here today, everywhere that I looked...a human wall built of kindness and caring and inside that wall, our animals in comfort, cuddled, slept, ate and played.

it was a very good day.



It was a VERY good day. Not a day hoes by that I don't feel honoured to be part if such a special place. The opportunity to be with these amazing, gracious animals, the interconnected volunteers, and Carol is one I cherish so very much. Good people, great animals all make for a wonderful Saintfilled day' ????


Well, here we go again: It's snowing here in Hope (of course), and there is a very good chance I will not be in tomorrow if it continues all night. I intend to come if it doesn't accumulate too much and roads are ok. I still haven't seen the house since the renos started, with everyone shuffled around, and missing another week will really tick me off. Anyway, just a "heads up" to house folks in the am. I will post if I am not able to come in. If no word, I am on my way. Lynne, can you possibly come in for a few hours, if I can't make it - please?