Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2014

pac took out a wheelbarrow today...he was under the mistaken impression that it was a new giant pac toy. he popped the tire and was dragging it thru the barn. we had just gotten that tire fixed a couple of weeks ago...oh well, I guess we will be fixing it again.

luna, june and boomer are in really deep shit with me tonight...they ganged up on puff who admittedly is a royal jerk..but 3 on 1 is not a fair fight. he is fine, has a couple of more scratches on his butt but no punctures thank god.
boomer is watching me very carefully and staying right out of my way...june is playing totally innocent by pretending everything is ok and luna is slinking and cowering every time my furious eyes land on her..she knows I am pissed and she knows I am pissed at her.

and puff? he is being his typical dickheaded self...snarling and showing his teeth if I even dare to try to look at him....altho he did knock it off when I offered to spoon feed him.

sometimes dogs are just as shitty and mean spirited and petty as people...the reality of rescue sometimes sucks.

max missed his bath today, so chris brought him over to the house tonight for me. he is all done and can hang out here until morning or if I go back over to the mp building later tonight, I can take him with me..too cold to be taking him out until he is fully dry.

raven fell going into his stall tonight...he was in a hurry and trying to get past Dixie and he most likely had snow balls inside his hooves which made him slip. he appears to be ok and I am watching him closely in the cameras tonight.

jill injured her leg on friday, freaking out when we were covering her cage...she is still not putting weight on it, I wonder if she broke it? i will call the vet tomorrow to see if anything can be done...but I don't think they do casting or surgery on budgies legs but maybe I am wrong.

max cat is doing well..taking his meds and eating like a trooper. I never did get around to finding a bigger home for the baby chicks..i will try to do that tomorrow on my lunch break.

I am hoping for an early, restful and undisturbed night, I am totally bagged from today.


Cheryl Shaw

Would a never flat tire on the wheelbarrow be a better choice if Pac thinks it is a toy? Wouldn't need replacing as often! I have one on my wheelbarrow and sure don't miss having to pump it up.

janet nicholson

Love the story of Pac and the wheelbarrow tire - that boy is obviously enjoying his retirement!


I agree, he doesn't ask for it, usually.
He really has an amazing sweet side. Loves his pets and rubs. Enjoys playing with toys. Also loves when you run around with him, he's got quite the energy for a husky boy.


they pick on him! he isn't offence aggressive, he's defensive aggressive. he just wants to enjoy the walk not join the gang...


They can splint little bird legs, it's a little awkward as it's done with many layers of tape and then they like to try and pick at it so they need a cone which is incredibly frustrating to try and make for a bird!!
Hopefully it's not broke!


the reality reap what you sow and puff is not any dogs trusted friend.


Poor Puff. He was such a good boy today he doesn't deserve the harassment from those three. I've gotten used to his shaved look again and he is a real cutie.