Rescue Journal

the gift

Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2014

there is a purity at the core of rescue....this is because animals are pure beings. they are who they are without excuses or blame or expectations... it makes them honest in all things.

because of this there has to be a core of purity in equal honesty in all that we do.

what is the point in offering a starving horse a full bowl of grain but refusing to give it until the hungry horse stands on his head? he is not going to do is not in him to do it, so why even offer him the grain in the first place?

or why feed the hungry horse if we are going to hand him a bill after he has eaten that he does not have the dollars to pay?

or even promising to feed the hungry horse when we know we actually do not have any grain?

the core of rescue is not a mess of tangled up strings, of power seeking, or even wishful thinking.
the core of rescue is buying a bag of decent food, putting the food in a bowl, and setting it down before the hungry horse.

the food was needed, the food was given and the food now belonged to the horse.

that is rescue..that is the pure shining core. the food is a gift and once given, it does not belong to the rescuer anymore.

and that is the pure unadulterated core of helping a hungry horse.



Stuck in a steep driveway in Poco...can't get my car out. I hope no one comes for a tour.


I just drove from Wren along 7th all the way to Stave. When I started up the hill past the traffic lights at 11th my car started going sideways. Managed to turn around and crawl back down. Sorry but I can't make it in.


If you re not already at the top of stave do not risk it without 4w. I'm stuck at 4th and have new snow tires. Hubby is bailing me out and hopefully we can make it up the hill in his truck. Hopefully see you in 1/2 hr carol.