Rescue Journal

we are ok

Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2014

everyone has fresh food, water and clean beds.
ali, hubby, michelle and I managed the farm guys, erin, lynne and Carla took care of the house and tammy, jenn, Derek and penny covered the mp building.

thank you all so very much for not only risking life and limb to get here but working in such crappy conditions!



Its raining now Brenda and the temperature is only 0 degrees. Hope it doesn't turn to ice rain as the evening progresses.


I'm so glad you had some help today Carol. Yay for all of you that made it in - and Michelle! Is it still snowing now, or has it stopped? We have quite the blizzard here in Hope. The only ones enjoying this are my dogs.- and I have to make trails for them to go out to pee.