Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2014

bambi and Bernice's potential new mom is in town. she spent part of yesterday hanging with her new girls and grooming jerry and gerty. down to earth, kind, honest to good person...all of us here like her A LOT! this adoption will be a full ahead go, the only thing I am worried about is that bambi has been here for years. not sure how she will deal with leaving but this is such a great home, it is well worth the shot. both of us have agreed that if bambi is not happy within a couple of weeks, either I will fly out to get her or karla will fly back with her so she can again fly as a carry on under the seat.

I got a little bit weepy yesterday at the thought of her leaving...she has been with me for a long time and I will miss her greatly.

oh well.

raven suffered no ill affects from his fall sunday night.
I did manage to find a giant see thru tub for the chicks that they can move into today. another week or so and they will be big enough to try in with Crosby and will no longer need the heat light. maybe it sounds silly to go to the trouble of finding them a bigger tub for just a week or so but feeling crowded for 7 whole days would really suck.
max cat wants out of his cage but he is not quite ready yet...almost...just another couple of days babe.

I think our contractor is back tomorrow so we will have to move the animals out of the computer room again and pull everything away from the far wall so he can finish in here. hopefully this particular return to crowding is only for a couple of days....still it will suck again for however long it is.

it will be really nice to finally put all of the upside down stuff behind us and start moving forward has been a bit of a process and hard on all of us but once it is all done and put back together, it is going to feel great!

I feel peace and predictability once again soon returning to saints!



this is the first time in more than 5 years that she has ever even been inquired about..for such a great dog, is that not just the saddest thing ever???


I am so happy that Bambie is getting her own home. She is such a great dog and I think she has been overlooked for a long time. I don't know Bernie that well, but happy she is going to be with Bambie - should help with their transition to their new home.


I can never keep up with the names of animals here so was curious are Bambi and Bernice cats or dogs?


I'm going to be in Grand Forks for the easter weekend...if it's not working maybe we could meet half way between there and Cranbrook but I'm pretty sure they just hit the home lottery and I we won't have to, :)


Great news for Bambi & Bernice. Lovely that they are finding a home together