Rescue Journal

it was a bottomless pit day

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2014

you know the kind...the ones that that take all that you've got and its just barely, barely enough.

anyway...glad i am home and thx to michelle, we got most of everything done...i just have house meds and bedtime feedings.

i took pac back to work with me, he hung out in the car while i saw a couple of clients and then he played with the nurses while i finished the last of my charting. we shared french fries on the way home because i was starving.
funny..he does not need to be spoon fed chips!

wilbur is quite lame today so i gave him some pain meds at bedtime and mo will give him more in the morning. if he is still lame on monday, i will ask the vets to come out and see what is up with him.

robbie really wants to play with the cats..the cats are not impressed and think he should play with a dog instead.

thank you guys for pulling out the eaten couches and putting a new one in for capone..please mystic and luna...DO NOT EAT THE NEW FREAKING COUCH!
and thx to everyone who came out on this soggy day to take care of everything else!

luna climbed out the window again...maybe when the windows get opened and closed, could everyone please make sure they get locked up tight again? i was so hoping to rip them off off the evening wet and rainy walk, but luna bombing around out windows and over fences kind of screwed up my diabolically selfish plan.

new cat coming in..i felt sorry for the poor bugger, he had a really bad run of luck. first he found himself as an unneutered stray who ended up in the shelter. they noticed he had a broken tooth so they took him to the vet to get him prepped for a dental and neuter. when the vet checked him over it was discovered he had a grade 3 or 4 heart murmur so they needed to do an ultasound before the surgery. before they did the ultrasound they decided to do bloodwork to make sure he was healthy on all fronts before going further.

and if that little unneutered and stray little bugger did not test positive to FIV...really nacho? you just had to have that too???
he is a nice cat and the staff wanted this out of chances cat to have one more chance so he is coming out to saints tomorrow.

hah! maybe they should have named the little unlucky beast... lucky.



but the windowas were never opened. i did the 2 rooms i think that dog can open them by himself maybe tape them shut


That is one helluva run of bad luck. I can see why you felt so bad for him. Sounds like he will finally be home. Lucky would be a good name as he seems to have dodged death a few times