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so..i have a nice story for you

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2014

its about pac.

we all know that pac was specifically bred by the RCMP breeding facility to become a working K9 officer. his lineage is eastern european working german shepherds which is why he looks so different from what we expect PB german shepherd dogs to look like.

anyway...when pac left the breeding kennel at 3 or 4 months old, he went to live with an RCMP pup training officer in kelowna. he stayed there and received his initial socialization and early training in a home environment until he was 18 months old and ready to be paired with a K9 partner handler for active service. for the past 6 years he has been in active service, mostly in tracking and bomb detecting...he even spent a brief span of time, on the prime minster of canada's protection squad.
during his tour of duty, pac has been in many different kinds of situations...he is a champ in elevators and on escalators, he has been on airplanes and helicopters, he has been in crowds, and other stressful environments so it is not surprising that he took his saints transition so well in stride.

i love this dog. good heart, rock solid, thoughtful mind. i feel a huge responsibility in being entrusted with his retirement care and just getting to know him has been such a gift.

pac lives life to it's fullest..whether it was working protecting society from harm or now in taking out our wheelbarrows for fun. he is an enthusiastic participant in life.

he is simply a great dog.

last week i received a call from the RCMP officer who raised pac thru his puppyhood and prepared him for work as a service dog. he had heard that pac was now retired and living at saints and wanted to come and see him. today on my lunch break, i met james and trish (his life partner who is also an RCMP officer) and gave them the quickie tour after spending sometime with pac.

my plan has been to find pac the perfect foster home where he can retire with the respect and the love that he so deserves from his years of service of protecting you and me. we are more than willing to cover his very expensive medical care for the rest of his life...his current meds alone without any additional medical care are at our discounted price over $300 per month which is a serious financial handicap in seeking an adoptive home. but if the right home is found, it does not impede his chances in obtaining an excellent foster home.

when i got back to work, there was an email already from james and trish. they are going away next week for 10 days, but when they return they would like to sit down with me and discuss pac's move into their home and family.
not sure what kind of plan we will together come up with to best meet pac's needs, all i know is that this is the answer to my prayers for pac...a home that knows him, loves him, understands all that he has come from, and who that makes him and what he currently needs.

i cannot ask for a happier ending story.... pac is going to get the retirement home of his dreams....his new life story will soon be beginning.

love you so deserve this. i thank whoever in the cosmos for keeping an eye out for you and having your back!



That is the best happy ending ever! He is a great dog and this is the perfect fit. Everyone will miss him though as he is such a lovely boy!


Fantastic. I sure will miss him around the barn but what a great home for him.

Pam/Nashville, TN

This brought tears to my eyes too... Have a wonderful life Pac!


i hope it all works out well for Pac.
i love the look of this guy. his appearance is so different from other dogs i've seen! definitely photogenic in a grizzled way. he'd be an asset to any home he joined, vet bills or not.


What a great story and how awesome that his first home wants to have him back. Yay for Pac!


Theres a story on a rescue called No Paws Left Behind.They specialize in senior dogs looking for homes. Recently and old dachsund left in a basket with a note from the owners. If you look it should be there :) They want to reunited dog and owners and help pay for his medical care :)


Well, I was crying too. That's SO amazing. Pac has come full circle and deserves this wonderful retirement home with two caregivers who love and understand him. Story endings like this don't happen very often, I'm guessing.


omg - that is so wonderful - I was crying reading it too- What a great story Carol.


oh wow what a great story. it brought tears to my eyes am so happy for him. he really does deserve to have a home of his own again i know he loves it at saints but this is such good . news.