Rescue Journal

so now i have a very sad story for you.

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2014

kirk came in a few months ago. his elderly owners had gone into care. he hadn't received the best care for that last little bit, they were too old and frail to care for him really well.

kirk was also a very great dog...kind hearted, gentle and very loving. he has been battling chronic diarrhea since he came in..lots of meds, vet checks, diet changes and nothing worked for him.

jamie took him home as a foster a few weeks ago depite his terrible diarrhea and i have to say i was greatly impressed that she and her husband were willing to take kirk on considering the mess his bowels were in....good people, good and kind hearts.

anyway..they managed it while keeping up with his vet care trying to find an answer to help him. last week kirk started taking a serious downward turn and we booked him in for xrays today. the vets found a very large abdomenol mass.

kirk was no longer feeling well, in fact he was feeling pretty terrible. when jamie received the news, she did what i would have done too..she went and held her beloved boy in her arms as he passed peacefully away.

rest in peace were greatly loved and i am so glad you found a great home at the end.
hugs to your mom and dad.



Weird for some reason my post last night did not makeit on the blog..I just wanted to express my condolences to jamie & hubby on the loss of Captain Kirk, I was so happy when I heard he was going to live with sad it was so close to his passing. Take Care

janet nicholson

I am so sorry about Kirk's passing - but he was one lucky dog to have had such a wonderful home and to pass to the rainbow bridge in the arms of someone who loved him so much - Jamie, my condolences to you and your family and to all of Kirk's family at S.A.I.N.T.S.


I have started this a couple of times, how to tell you about the Kirk that we loved. Yes Carol, he was a kind, gentle, patient & loving soul, who we thank for waiting for us (Roxy, I owe you a treat). We wouldn't have changed one moment of our time with him. Seeing the joy & freedom he felt during our late night & early morning walks in the rain or snow. What a privilege, he really did have a smile on his face. Darrell and Kirk working on the backyard together, you know boys & the mud. But it was when everyone else was sleeping (Jedi snoring) that I will miss the most. I would lay with him, brushing his thick shiny coat & him giving me kisses. We would chat about the day & I would tell him what a strong, special boy he was, how much I loved him, & how honoured I was being his mom. We love you Kirk! Maybe next week I will smile thinking of you running and having fun, but today I just miss you terribly.


Kirk was such a good boythank you Jamie for giving him such love)))(((


you did give him a wonderful home and so happy he spent his final days with you. he could not have asked for anybody more loving. big hugs to you and darryl. and rlip kirk.


Jamie - that's so great of you and your hubby to give Kirk love and a home during his last days. So sad to hear your news. RIP Kirk.


So very sorry Jamie- I was just asking Carol about Kirk yesterday - he was such a lovely old boy.


Jamie, you gave him a home...he thanks you for that. I am so very sorry for your loss

shelagh f

Jamie, you have a big heart. I applaud you
and your family, must
have been tough, but
worth it