Rescue Journal

i suck: part 2

Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2014

i don't want folks to feel sorry for me because i suck so badly because honestly, we are all in the very same boat.
all of us suck in some ourselves, to others, in reality, in imaginations..humans are just really good at sucking at stuff.

my point in part 2 will freaking what?

just because someone thinks i am an unexpressed lesbian who is afraid to let someone love and protect me does not mean i actually am a lesbian. the truth of the matter is i am just not interested in any personal relationships that require emotional energy from me..i am too busy. and even the thought of someone "protecting me..." well come on..really?

just because i stop someone from feeding the barn guys grass clippings because i don't want them to colic and die does not mean it has to spiral out of control to the ultimate conclusion that i actually am intentionally starving our barn guys. lets try not to be stupid.

rescue is sick with always has been and sometimes i think it always will be. and i think this is because as much as we don't want to admit it and despite where we are on the food chain..humans are an animal species. and sometimes when we feel powerless we go looking for company in our crusades. we can't be right if we don't have a mob at our backs, yelling righteousness with us.

the pack ups you seen on the internet, the mind games to add to our armies, is quite simply the mistaken belief that might equals right. well tell that to the woman being stoned to death by the orchestrations of the taliban. she is being stoned to death because her village got whipped up into a frenzy of pack mentality. rescue is not as bad as all that much time and energy is wasted in rescue because of infighting, power seekin, ego boosting? how many rescues bite the dust because they are not strong enough to hold back the tide of rage that suddenly shifts in their direction?

the logical and reasonable defence is to ignore the shit disturbers and wait them out til they get bored and move on. but what if they don't move on? what if they set up camp outside of the castle gates like they have done to the spca? years and years of out and out harrassment, and as more of the half truths or ignorant stories spread..more and more disenfranchized find a new bandwagon to make themselves feel big.

what if they let go of the battle when they get outplayed by patiently waiting to take up the war again if an opportunity presents? they are currently doing to TG again?

just because someone says the spca or turtle gardens or saints or kalamazoo rescue sucks..does not mean they actually suck in the ways that they say. we might all suck in some ways but given the sheer numbers we are actually helping, we can't really suck in ALL ways.

i really feel a need to put this out long as we continue to allow disenfranchized people to color our view of rescue, they will continue to do it. the problem with mobs is they really don't know they are being lead by the nose by folks even more ignorant and foolish.
fools break things down because they do not know how to build things up. they are like children who one spends hours patiently building a castle of sand and another comes along with his friends and kicks it to shit.

might is not right. but might has a great deal of potential to really mess up a lot of animals lives yet again.

if we let them.

it is politics that suck.

mob style politics encourages normally good people to sink so low that they pick up a stone and throw it in violence at an innocent woman and cheer when she bleeds.

mob style politics encourages normally good people to rejoice when they can score a real or imagined hit on a rescue caring for animals in need.

at some point in rescue at least, maybe we can grow up and accept certain just because for whatever reason we do not like someone..does not mean they don't do good work in rescue. and if they do good rescue work it might be nice to support that work. but if your anger is so freaking deep that you can't see the forest for the trees..get out of the forest altogether and go and hang out in a meadow and quit interfering with the forestors who are tending to the actual trees.

might is not right...and might without right is simply bullying.

if for no other reason than the animals sakes...lets make rescue bully free.



ARRGHHH Just reading this makes my gut get tight & I can physically feel myself getting pissed off… I remember a long time ago when Gideon 1st came & there was posts flying around going on about what in the world were you doing , you knew nothing about horses , so you had no business rescuing one… I read that and almost fell off my chair..WTF.. so because you had no knowledge of horses, you were supposed to turn away our Shinning Knight.. like you were incapable of learning..ya right ..whatever. Gideon thanks you from above for taking that risk, finally someone seeing his true worth & providing him with what he should have had his entire life.

It is the one thing that I absolutley HATE about the rescue world..the politics/gossip/egos and outright bullies. It is one of the main reason I will never be able to be more than I am right now… I couldn’t handle it, I would probably end up in jail. There was a post I saw once it read something like… “ Tread carefully in rescue…we eat our young “ it struck me as the honest truth about some in rescue.

How many times does TG have to defend it’self..they do amazing work & have saved more lives than any other rescue I know of…like you…. they actually live the life, it isn’t just a “ thing “ they do to feel good or help out…they scarifice things every single day , the things I and most others take for granted and have committed their lives to saving those dogs.. Shame on bullies & egotistical people who insists on tearing down others…someone didn’t teach them very well as a child.