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i suck: part 3 (i am on a day off and being lazy so please bear with me!)

Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2014

so part 3 of i suck is the blog.

oh my freaking god...what a knicker knotter!

i am pretty careful believe it or not when i write this blog. i never call people out personally..i never say silly sally is mean or stupid or dishonest or foolish or insane.

however i may talk about issues that result from things that un-named silly sally or someone like her has done. because you can bet if silly sally does something not so great in rescue so have others too.

all rescues need gates to be carefully monitered and kept safely closed and locked. all rescues suffer from the issues of politics at one time or another. all rescues sometimes have eager little not helpful moles burrowing around underground, all rescues have problems with being made big promises that never appear, all rescues have issues with being blamed for pretty much everything under the sun. it is a given..these things are universal in rescue.

sometimes i am speaking specific to issues at saints and sometimes i am speaking in more general rescue issue terms that happen elsewhere.

saints is really a microscoptic view of rescue in general anywhere. the issues we have are not much different than the issues of others...except i am not afraid to talk about them.

anyway..back to the sucking part. this blog gets some folks way up in arms. someone somewhere is going to recognize something familiar about themselves and suddenly i am trashing them personally on the blog.

folks need to grow up and get over themselves..not every post here is written specifically about you. may actually be specifically written about issues in rescue. but i will say this if you read something here and the shoe actually fits, and if you are willing to accept it...go ahead and wear it. maybe you will decide to look for a better pair of shoes..or maybe not, whatever.

but don't sit there angrily stewing, wondering if that blog is about you. if i am talking about unreliable people in rescue and you are unreliable too, don't get mad at me because i say unreliable people in rescue make rescuing harder to do.

haha! that last paragraph sounded like it was written by Dr. Suess!

but still..its the truth.

so many people have learned things about rescue by watching and observing and listening and thinking with an open mind. and i get it is far easier to do from a distance, sometimes close up and personal makes it hard to separate who we are from what we do.

so in finally putting the whole carol sucks thing to bed...let me say this....
it is ok to suck. it is ok to make mistakes, do something wrong or not be the best at everything. just look at me and how much i suck at stuff and i am still a success!

but it is not ok to blame me for it all.
it is not my fault if something in rescue sucks. so please quit telling everyone else that it is.

there are 1000 things in rescue that suck and chances are i will eventually get around to talking about all of it.

everyone has a choice it or not. take it to heart or not. take it personally or not.i am not twisting anyones arm, you actually do get to choose.

and if the blog truly does suck and has no value, don't read it...why on earth would you?
and don't give me a pre-approved script i can write from either because A. that would be boring and B. i will just lose it.



i am amazed on a daily basis by what is done for the animals at SAINTS. and I LOVE your blog all the way from soul-sucking Chattanooga, Tennessee. probably because i am far away i really, really do miss the section you used to have with the photos and little bios of all the animals. chin up, Carol, i for one am in awe.


I agree with Carol. No one is forcing or twisting someones arm to read the blog. We all make the choice to read this. So they best shut the @uck up


I second what Ann said! I support SAINTS and TG wholeheartedly from a distance because of what I've read on both blogs. You both do amazing work and I'm thankful both rescues exist so that I can support you financially. Thank you!


And - to add to what Shawn says: there are many of us out here, too far away to be physically present or helpful, who nonetheless make decisions to donate monthly (or on whatever schedule) -- to you, to TG, to others. We do this based on what we see in blogs and facebook and other online sites...and i know if i was hesitant at all about the good of the animals, i'd find somewhere else to donate to. Clearly, i, many of of us, think what you all are doing there is tremendously important - and i/we have much faith that it is being done incredibly well!


You have a team of staff and volunteers who think what you do is amazing. We support your decisions, look to you for advice, and appreciate all you do. If we didn't? Would we keep coming back? Would we foster and adopt the animals that have touched out hearts? Would we stand beside you with every decision you make? Probably not. But we believe in you and what SAINTS is...our mission is to care for those animals and support you in what you do...that being said, I think you know, I don't think you suck...I think you are pretty awesome.

Yvette ~Turtle Gardens

I read your blog cuz it helps me stay focused on what is important - the animals. And you put into words what I am thinking inside. Stan and I have a do not engage policy. We need our flagging energy better used for the animals. Including the handsome Kaos the 18 month old misunderstood English Mastiff puppy. Keep on writing Carol! I for one, need you to. Sincerely, Yvette